January 24, 2009

Sun and surf, New Zealand style....

We are having a beautiful weekend... it hovered around 30c all day - and it is another balmy Canterbury night...
We managed to finish oiling the deck and some of the outdoor chairs, which is hard in the heat, but made easier if one of us carries on water blasting in the shade and the other can also stand in the spray to keep cool!

We arranged to meet Phoebe's family at the beach at 5pm- after a bit of chat on facebook, we agreed Gore Bay was too far, and Spencer Park too busy, so we settled on Waikuku.. although I think the actual decider for it was we could get fish and chips there and eat while we were out!

It was gorgeous. I love New Zealand beaches. I lived in Whangarei for many years and spent many hours boogie boarding at Sandy Bay, Whale Bay and Ruakaka... will tell you about that life another day.

The east coast beaches here are long, empty stretches, peppered with surf lifeclubs at regular intervals. Although inclined towards windy, on days like today the cooling off sea breeze made the evening heat more bearable. The sand was still too hot to walk on in places.

Was good to get wet with the girls, and see Phoebe have her first play in the sand... we took all the dogs for a good swim too.

You can see how crowded the beach was...... although if you squinted down the sand, you can see a lot more people at the surf club.
Too dangerous to swim if you are not "between the flags" so we just paddled.
Phoebe approved of the sand - love the drool.... click on the picture to see it larger..
We had fish and chips in the park by the beach before heading back - the girls are all washed and off to bed... Phoebe is now using her cot.

Another of my past students, Toni, was out there today with her dogs Max and Maggie.  They also had fun. Love the pictures


 They enjoyed it enough for some 'hugging' afterwards....


  1. Absolutely fabulous pictures. Love the doggie ones!! What a beautiful beach. My mum is itching to visit NZ someday, you make it sound so idyllic.

    CJ xx

  2. Absolutely brilliant...do you realise how lucky you are? bit too hot for me though!!!!
    Love Tracey xxx

  3. Oh you lucky thing!!!! - We are expectig snow tomorrow and it's about -2 deg C at the moment. What a lovely place .... Phil xx

  4. Looks so beautiful.

    Cold and wet here Grrrrr!!

    Thanks for your comment at mine :)

  5. I thought the dogs were having a good time before the final photo, but when I got to that there was little doubt.

  6. Being here in sub-freezing Utah, with a layer of freshly-fallen snow, and looking at those pictures makes me depressed! It looks like N. Zealand is a wonderful place that I gotta visit someday! Nice pics of the doggie lovin' too! haha!

  7. Thanks everyone... you might be pleased to know it is now cooler here, a mere 18C and I had to put a jacket on.... and there was even some strange water falling on us... for which the lettuces seem grateful at least.

  8. Loved your pictures as always. Loving the "superdog" flyig in the air one. Lol. Really made me laugh. Even after the most exhausting trip to Shangai and back. :)


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