January 6, 2009

Tranquility ; Oxford and Ashley Gorge style

It's been hot here... in between the lightning storms and the hail.

Yesterday we ventured out into the relentless dry of North Canterbury (air conditioning in cars is so worth it) .. taking a leisurely drive towards the North West for lunch in Oxford, with a heavenly view of the Southern Alps.

We managed to get a table at the bustling Jo Seagar's Cooking School for a tasty lunch..

Have heard good things about this place from one of our neighbours at our little soiree the other day. She said she has attended two cooking classes, so it seemed right for us to look closer! Jo's recipes are great; there are a few on the web site... but I still like her "easy-peasy" style and if we bake, often look at this one as it is a good ol' Kiwi cookbook.
Someone else agrees with me - found a blog from a couple of UK expats who wrote about it here
Just note the new web site is joseagar.com, not joseagar.co.nz.

We then drove over to Ashley Gorge Reserve. Just beautiful....

We trekked along the bank in the shade of the surprisingly English woods style of fauna. This was in in stark contrast to the intensely New Zealand native bush style we could see across the river. This might be due to the fact the side we are on was flatter, and had a camping ground nearby.  More evidence of early settlers making it like home?

I find water soothing, so I soon found some shade and dozed off, listening to the splash of the rapids and the happy noise of the children, while my partner took pictures..

Me asleep under the trees - just visible in the shade against the bright white of the stones.
Swimming with the dog.....
clear cool water...
 One way to get shade!
We went home via Rangiora for a wonderful dinner and relaxed evening with Phoebe and family but sadly the camera was flat :(
Now, back to Mob Wars... Facebook's latest addiction....

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  1. Hun it looks awesome. Glad you had a great time!!!!


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