January 15, 2009

Working Holiday

With real work looming on the horizon, I have stopped procrastinating and idling away the days and spent some time catching up on jobs needing doing around the house.... this week it has been mainly the water blasting of the house, decks and courtyards. I have tried to do two hours a day. Not easy in this heat, but by getting up early, wearing a light wool top that stays comfortable in the constant spray of water,  and trying to stay out of the midday sun, I have now done two mornings worth. I will finish the last part today. It already feels like a new house... yes there are patchy areas that need repainting, and leaves blasted around that need sweeping, but the decks and paths are so clean! As I stood listening to the hum of the compressor, mindlessly sweeping the narrow jet backwards and forwards, I took pleasure from stripping away the layers of dirt and weeds and watching the the courtyard return to terracotta tiles and the furniture return to its normal colour!

I haven't taken any photos of the new look yet, but here is one taken when the house was last on the market... and it looks much the same, minus all the annual flowers!!!

My task for today:

Neo-conduit has also helped me this week. We agreed on a trade; I will buy the engine oil for her car in return for her washing and vacuuming my car, which I then waxed and buffed, so I now feel like I am driving around in a new car...thank you so much :) We celebrated our efforts with a girls afternoon of fun, manicures and movies...

The other night, as girls do, we compared handbag contents, triggered by a reference by my partner to the size of the backpack / bucket handbags we both lug round.  In terms of volume I won... in terms of content, she took the trophy. She had similar phone, makeup, keys contents, but her medications made mine look inadequate... and I don't think I have ever felt the urge to carry  a thermometer, catheter and rubber gloves! The joys of catheterizable stomas! The look on my partners face- priceless.

Managed to see Phoebe and her family twice again this week already ... the second time necessitated by my managing to lose my phone. The thought of replacing all the numbers was depressing and I felt real anxiety at being without my lifeline. It transpired I had left the phone at the Farmer store in Rangiora. Doh. Phoebe's mum retrieved it for me yesterday and it is safe back in the bucket bag... it appears no one missed me as there were no texts or calls other than us searching for it. I did find that my anxiety was replaced yesterday with a quiet freedom that no one could disturb me!! Almost liberating :)  A reminder of how life can be, and was before cell phones.

I will leave you with Phoebe and head off for another day of water blasting.:)


  1. Oh, Lord, I am always amazed when MY WIFE empties her handbag. I carry my entire life in my front pocket. She carries ten pounds worth of, what to her, is essential. Amazing.

    I am, of course, glad she has it with her when I ask her to carry something for me :-)

  2. LOl - yes - it is a mothers (even all womens) be prepared kit...

    and yes - it does make life easier for men when stuff doesn't fit in their pocket!

  3. Hey there..Im new to all this! But enjoying it, lol. Yes wentworth miller...How dreamy is he! Well hope to talk soon. Take care.

  4. hi, thanks for the comments. pheobe is beautiful.hope your ok. Amy x


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