February 8, 2009

Bush Fires in Victoria, Australia

I wrote last week about the koala looking for cool... and David at Authorblog wrote about the fires near him in Melbourne.
Phoebe's dad was over there all week, on business, so we watched the weather more intently than usual. He returned on Friday, and today the Melbourne fires have raged again with temperatures climbing up to 45c in the area.
I have past students living there, who said they will never whinge about our Canterbury Nor'wester again... that the air there is like hot oven draught, and the smell of smoke and the stifling heat is unbearable.

25 people have now been confirmed killed. Some children, and more are missing.

I can't even begin to comprehend what you are all living through, but we are thinking of those of you near it, or those following friends and family there with grave fears.

This man has been left with nothing but his cat, his canary and his car... click here for a link to the news article.

This map gives updates on the fires. You can zoom in to any area ....


  1. This is horrible and I'm so worried about the people of Australia. I was surprised to learn that some of these fires may have been set by arsonists; sadistic pyromaniacs in my mind. I can't even begin to think of what the motive would be for such a heinous act.

  2. Its absolutely awful. Its freezing here but at least we can warm up, dreadful for those who are THAT HOT, and who also are losing all they have. It's main news here, some of the stories make you weep.

  3. How absolutely awful - I can't possibly imagine what it's like with all that going on in that corner of Australia - other than the news items of course. Best wishes and sympathy to all affected... Phil x

  4. Yes Poutalicious - I didn't want to believe that but it says in the news:
    Almost half of Victoria may be declared a crime scene, with arsonists believed responsible for several of the fires. Police said an offender implicated in the fatal fires could be charged with the offence of arson causing death, a crime with a maximum penalty of 25 years in jail.

    At 17.05pm today the official death toll was 126. The toll is expected to rise, possibly as high as 200.

    At least 750 homes have also been destroyed - 550 of those in Kinglake, north of Melbourne, and surrounding areas.


    A horrific time for Australia. That anyone could deliberately start a single fire is beyond belief really.

  5. The whole thing is heartbreaking, more so to me now that I know a few bloggers from down under, David foremost. God bless them.


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