February 17, 2009

"Cat wrangling"

Meet Jaydis, who belongs to Emma, one of my past students :)

Sometimes other people say the things we want to. We are about to teach our new students about "cat wrangling"...and I found this article today that clearly explains one of the things we all hate most about working with some members of the public!
This article from Veterinary Nursing and Life is definitely worth a read.  To quote the intro:

I have decided l need to say a few words about restraint of animals, in this case cats. This decision was made after last night. I am fed up with people that do not restrain animals properly. It is not only dangerous for the cat, other people and animals but shows a lack of respect for the cat, other people and animals. If you get ripped to shreds because you did not bother to place the cat in a proper receptacle l do not give a damm.

If you have a cat, and you are reading this, please make sure you have a secure cage available for getting them to clinics, catteries, moving house. And don't drive with them loose...

And how was this for a story - in 2007

Three cats have been rescued from a rail container after an Ashburton woman attempted to freight them to Hamilton.
The trio of grey long-haired moggies, names unknown, spent three days in the Hamilton-bound container, which had reached only Christchurch.
They were yesterday captured and taken to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal's (RSPCA) Christchurch shelter.
Toll spokeswoman Sue Foley said the company was alerted to the situation yesterday when the woman moving belongings to Hamilton contacted Toll to ask where the container was.
When she found it was still in Christchurch the woman confessed to the cats' presence.
"As soon as we knew we went to retrieve them," Foley said.
The woman was aware the cats would be in the container for several days, she said.
"She knew it would take at least four days to move them."
If the cats had not been rescued they could have been in the container for up to a week, Foley said.

If you don't believe me that cats have attitude - check this out; I think its a Bengal ....

And how is this for wishful thinking? Here is the web page :)

Yeah, right!!!!


  1. Great post!! I enjoyed all the photos a lot!! :)

  2. Just watched a show on the cable TV channel, Animal Planet, this weekend, called "Cats 101". Now, I've had cats all my life, so I knew most of it. However, I saw a breed I had never seen before, called a Savannah, and perhaps that is the type catching the catfish here? They are a mix of American Shorthair and Cerval cat. The breed is banned in a few states here because of fears that it would somehow overwhelm the rest of the feline population and breeed with them and destroy the nice friendly gene pool.

  3. Amazing photos. I've found, since having a cat, that they are very clever creatures and extremely independent. My cat doesn't get to the end of our driveway in a cage before she poo's. The vets is a half hour drive so you can imagine the stench when we arrive.

    However, from last year the vet comes out to us now in order to give her the booster - it saves the cat being distressed. And my senses.

    CJ xx

  4. I can relate to the pooing problem CJ... I ran a boarding cattery for 14 years, as well as working in a clinic... spare a thought for us removing the cats at the other end.
    And I also was part of a mobile vet service for a while, trekking round the far north visiting patients.. which sounds great until you have to take them back to the clinic. Then you have a van full of strange, smelly animals lol.

  5. Suldog - thank you - have been happily trawling google for Savannahs - wow. I see they like water, as do Bengals, but sounds as if they are larger than Bengals, who are bred from the African Leopard cat, rather than the Serval.
    What a handful.
    Australia has banned them -
    I find myself hoping we will here too as they could do a lot of damage!
    Cats are rare because you can actually breed between the 3 different species and produce fertile offspring, unlike, say, horse/donkey crosses that result in infertile Jennies and Mules.

    Have a look for Tigons and Ligers!!!

  6. I want a cat controller Phleese:)
    Cute cats too :)

  7. I'd be scared of a cat who, having an innate dislike for water, can dive in to a tub, wrestle and subdue a catfish (no pun intended) its same size, and haul it out of the water to eat it. Just watch your jugular at night...


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