February 22, 2009

The children return today.... hearts and 100 posts

I am up and ready to go to the airport soon....and this afternoon, we are all going to Skype with Jess and James in Bangladesh. Be good to have them all "together" again :) Technology certainly helps make them feel closer.

And it is a good morning because I found both my lovely rings that slipped off when I was gardening yesterday - I had swapped fingers because they were tight, and paid the price.... Frighteningly, since I have not been wearing them lately, and had only put them back on the day before, I just didn't notice they had gone until I was out last night... I was so relieved when, after retracing my steps for the day, my partner found the first one by torchlight in the weeds last night at 1 am, and the other was there when I raced out at first light today (yes I did sleep in between)....

and now, I don't have to hunt any further. Chatting briefly to James last night I said I would sieve the vege garden if necessary, and then dismantle the washing machine to find the main one... that will teach me to wear them on the wrong finger. Blame it on the heat!

Tracey  from Tracey Crafty Scraps has given me this lovely award

... and to celebrate the return of the children, the fact that my dashboard tells me this is my 100th post, I will accept it with pleasure and pass it on to

Crystal Jigsaw Tales from a haunted farmhouse in rural Northumberland

Moments from Suburbia the diary of a forty something......who may never escape!

Cottage Rose for her moving posts on the Victorian bush fires....

Moannie from The View from this End - just because she is lovely.

And Ida from The Diary of Pienovski, for opening up my eyes to the way people live elsewhere as she flies to places I can only dream of. 

Help yourselves ladies :)

See you later - and thank heavens - the sun is out after all the rain!!

Just had a text - the travellers have  missed their flight connection at Auckland... hopefully they will get another one soon!! But at least they are back in New Zealand :)



  1. Why thank you so much Fi for the award and the endorsement. I shall take it and put it somewhere safe and Sazzie will put them up for me soon I hope [modesty compels me to admit that there are others that I have not been able to put on my blog] What must they think of me?
    What a relief to have found your rings...remember me and mum's pearl necklace?
    Have a lovely visit. XOXO

  2. Thank god you found your rings!!!
    Its an exciting day for you today, I know its an exciting day for you today hugs to you!!!
    Have a great day
    Hugs Kirst xxooo

  3. Thank you everyone...
    yes I remember the pearl necklace Moannie ;) Good luck with posting it... sure Saz will talk you through it.
    ... one of the rings was a very valuable set of three diamonds... huge relief it is safe.

    Flight is delayed - instead of landing at 10.20, I think it will now be closer to 2 :(

  4. Thanks Fi.
    glad you found your rings, so frustrating looking for something so small.

  5. Oh thank you so much. What a lovely award. And well done on receiving it yourself.

    I expect you're very excited today, I'll be thinking of you. Fantastic that you found your rings, I think there's nothing worse than loosing something dear to you.

    I lost a beautiful gold ring about 6 years ago. My dad had given it to my mum about 30 yrs previously and she gave it to me. I still look for it today and I am constantly asking my dad to help me find it. It has to be somewhere. I only hope I'll be as lucky as you one day.

    Enjoy your special day.
    CJ xx

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments.. the family arrived safely, the skype chat went well and we were able to see the Bangladesh apartment, and life returns to normal today!
    Was an emotional day.... but they had a great trip :)
    I hope you find your ring too CJ :)

  7. Congratulations on your award and 100th post!Thank you so much for awarding it to me!

    Mine are home now too. Have a great time with yours :)

  8. Isn't it lovely when you find something that you lost?

  9. congratulations,have a good day

  10. Thank you so much Fi, really made my day! Good to be back and welcomed like this.

    Love Ida


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