February 10, 2009

Cottage Rose has updated on the Victorian fires

Please read Cottage Rose for an update on the fires in Victoria..
Very moving.
Nothing I can say would top this post


  1. Thanks
    I feel helpless, every Australian feels the same, we have the need to help but there is very little we can do than what we already have done. I have donated to the Red Cross, I have offered our house up the coast as a respite. The images we see of the shell shocked survivors and their children; no child should ever have experienced this, cuts into me so much. I cry for the animals suffering so badly. God bless the volunteeers who are physically helping them all. I hope the animals are soon attended to.

  2. Gary Hughes, a senior journalist at the Australian lost his house in the hills near Melbourne and very narrowly escaped ith his life. Here's an audio interview which describes his incredible escape - it's almost impossible to imagine how he and his family were able to survive ... http://media.theaustralian.com.au/multimedia/2009/02/09-hughes/index.html

  3. Hi Fi hope you do not mind this bit of spam you may not have seen it. There is an international virtual dog show to be held to help raise funds.


    Also if you go to the sites main homepage and scroll down there is more help info.
    If everyone could help pass it around to everyone as the dog show is worldwide and in a good cause.
    Vetnurse :-)

  4. I feel absolutely helpless too. I'll check out the dogsvictoria.org.


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