February 14, 2009

Cats and kids on Valentine's Day

I am having a very pleasant Saturday morning... it is Valentine's day. I have a card.... my breakfast is on it's way, we have a romantic evening planned - if you can call helping my partner setting up for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra at Tipapa romantic. But there will be some time to enjoy the event, wonderful catering.. and we will get to mingle with them all.. without the hefty price tag.

I have been catching up on some blog reading... and I have discovered Woman in a Window. I have linked back to an entry about her dog, that says it all for me on this Saturday morning - but do read more of her posts to fully appreciate her.

I also found a wonderful post from Carolina at "Brinkbeest in English". Her reference in a post from last week to Bigglesballs had me laughing... and the comments on it are worth reading too!

I have received an award from Ida at Pienovski.... to recognize the values that each blogger uses to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal, etc..This is an award Ida certainly deserves, even if I feel a little humbled. I will try to find other worthy recipients... but I do think you should all read Suldog's reaction to recieving this award recently and I certainly cannot top this response....
And so that you can see the possible picture of Satan's anus, here is the award.

There have been two things I have been collecting to blog about, and the Bigglesballs entry reminded me about one of these.

Strange places our cats sleep:

And lastly - some family updates... the kids are still skiing but I think they head for Los Angeles and Disneyland today. 

Just to let them know the dogs are waitiing at the gates for you....


James and Jess have been updating their blog - and there are pics there too. Certainly life in Bangladesh is very different...but they do have flush toilets..

We had a lovely dinner with Pheobe's family last night. We even lit the fire as it has turned really cool again here... she is officially four months old this week and responsive and rolling and laughing....
and teething!!

And she loves the cats....
 Happy Valentine's day everyone :)


  1. This is a perfect post with beautiful writing and images. I enjoy visiting her very much and I am going to visit the bloggers you mentioned. Have a great time tonight and I think it sounds like a lovely time.

  2. What a surprise to see a new icon on my page and to come here and find such kindness. (Even now my dog is just dislodging his eager face.) Sweet, you. OH, and sweet baby too! (As in really, really sweet.) I wondered how you might have found me and I see Moannie and Fat and frumpy over there...maybe via them?

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Erin - thank you - and I think I followed a pertinent comment to find you - I suspect it was Moannie's post on aging :)

    and I loved Laura Ingalls' books!


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