February 1, 2009

It's Raining Awards :)

I have been given three beautiful awards this week - and apologies that it has taken me a little while to respond as it required some thought and time... which I am either avoiding or short of right now!!

However, thank you so much Amy, Tracey and Phil for these. I know that all three of you now have them, and so does Kirst at NeoConduit, so although you are the obvious and deserving people for me to return them too immediately, this also feels like an incestuous round of back patting, so I am going to spread them out wider. However, I will say that I am glad to have you here, increasing the awareness of dealing with families and life with a urostomy !! Learning a few craft ideas from Tracey too :)

I would like to award these to:
Moannie at The View From This End - for being an inspiration, and for her enduring love of life and good spirits.
Her wonderful daughter, Sas, for entertaining me on Fat Frumpy and Fifty... a title which I can identify with :)
Moments from Suburbia - because I have been where you are, and admire the way you are handling the changes.....
Lisa at theThe Hesitant Scribe for her humour and intelligence,
and to the wonderful Pienovski for taking me away on her travels and opening my eyes to the world:)
I can't decide exactly which of them to give these people, so perhaps they can choose whichever they want - even all three as you all deserve them:)

Hopefully, you will right click on each picture to save it, put it where ever you like on your Web page and send something on to 5 people whom you think deserve an award. Don't forget to add some links back and then let them know you have done it.

Happy Blogging


  1. Honestly, it is just so lovely...you know, every time I log on and open my blog is like a birthday or Christmas, just to find that there are comments for me is intoxicating and to recieve an award is BRILLIANT!!! Thank you so much. Now I shall have to get Sazzie to collect it for me...there is a lot of the techie stuff that is still unfathomable. But thank you.
    Huge hugsXXXXXXXX

  2. OMy Gosh...thank you so much!! How very kind this is..I am so grateful to you and everyone with whom I've made friends in blogland....I shall pick one and post it on my blog.. tomorrow as Larry has walked in muttering 'on the bloody computer, again!' what do they know....!! thanks again!!

    saz x

  3. Thank you so much for this! I will come back with time to comment as I am about to leave to Sydney * 6 days, jihuu

    You are such sunshine. Really cheered me up!

  4. Hi Fi
    The stairs were too obstructive... the older kids have moved out, and I can't get up there anyway now.. so surplus to requirements.. the garden and drive are handy for the caravan, the cars and motor bike and boat... most are also surplus to requirements...

    Phil xx

  5. Yours is a great blog and very deserving of these awards.

    CJ xx

  6. Ok, I am back as promised. I answered to your awards at my blog on the 2nd. Thank you for your courtesy and congrats for all the three awards you received and deserved. I have one more to you: a Premio Dardos award(will post it after I come back from here)!

    With love Ida


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