February 20, 2009

Mother love....

Hard to believe it has been three weeks... a large chunk of the family returns from America on Sunday morning... two more sleeps. Sounds like they are worn out after all the travelling, but have had a good time. The other two continue to report back on Bangladesh.... including photos and also a video on the view from a rickshaw. There are other tales of pet lizards, the attack of the insects and so on - read all on their blog ...

I braved going to "Marley and Me" the other night. Luckily I had my partner's shoulder and a paper napkin with me... but it was a lovely movie and I am glad we went. Life with pets is never dull, but I am sure mine have never rated on the same scale as Marley for behaviour.

Had some wonderful pictures sent to me lately.
The mother squirrel defends her baby

The bathing of the pet hedgehog!!! This is a first for me.....
"Moloko" belongs to one of my past students, Erin.

And some lovely interspecies bonding:

 Wishing all my children safe travels :)


  1. OMG I cant belive the kitten and the bird pictures, I look at my monster, sorry kitten and think of all the birds she has eaten. Glad I found your blog am really enjoying going through it. take care fiona

  2. Wonderful photos! It was a good movie, wasn't it? :)

  3. Hope the kids arrive home safe and happy....love the pictures.
    Tracey xxx

  4. Amazing pictures, the budgie and the kitty is absolutely gorgeous.

    Safe journey from me too.

    CJ xx

  5. Safe journey from me too!!

    Sweet pictures!

    Amy xxx

  6. I saw a hedgehog cross the road in Wanaka, I was like what is that...we don`t have them here.
    The budgie and kitten pic reminds me of my cockatiel and cat, I must find the photos.


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