February 15, 2009

Romance at "Tipapa"

We had a wonderful Valentine's day, nestled in Greta Valley, enjoying the ambience and the beautiful music from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra... it was also a long tiring day, ending at midnight when we finally returned the instruments, and then the van to the depot, before crossing town to home and the dogs ( thank you Kirst for giving them a run for us mid way through our absence :)

The venue was idyllic, the sun shone, and although it was still cool, the rain stayed away and I enjoyed it.
I did some searching today - and found this article about it. The restoration work is amazing and full marks to John Carr for his vision. I spoke to his wife, Tricia, as well and the lovely flowers you see in the photos were all done by her.

I also realise that you can rent the place... but at the listed rates I can't see myself taking advantage of that aspect ... need to drop at least one nought to make me think of it, and two to make it happen. However, it is a great venue and I can see the potential appeal for more lucrative visitors.

You can see the official gallery of promo pictures here.. which show you the inside of the house...
and I shall show you my versions of the day.

The entrance and drive to the woolshed,

where we were greeted by "Bracken"

 The guests were greeted at one side of the home, with the stringed instruments, and then the meal was with the wind instruments playing. The concert was later in the woolshed hall.
The house and grounds are beautiful,- the dinner was at the seated area to the right of the house. Guests dinner that is - we ate in the woolshed...

I loved the motto - as a "Mary Stewart ' fan of old...

The art gallery featured the principal harpist for the CSO, Helen Webby, playing the beautiful red beech harp that her brother, Kim Webby, made for her. Helen also plays with Davy Stuart, husband of my friend and fellow tutor Libby. Davy is a luthier, and as well as the performing, he makes smaller harps for Helen.

 The orchestra and my partner ( the man in black in centre)  check out the venue....

 Rhubarb growing out the back of the woolshed...
I really did mean we ate in the woolshed area! This was next to our table. I stayed backstage with the musicians, while they rested between numbers.

It was a wonderful performance, and congratulations to all who made it possible.


  1. Wow! it all looks wonderful, what a place...
    Love Tracey xxx

  2. What a gorgeous house and grounds. And that harp is beautiful!

    (p.s. Did you have potatoes for dinner because my verification word is "tater". )

  3. Yup - we had beautiful new garlic potatoes as a salad in um parsley - some sort of herbs.... they were delicious lol
    and yes the harp is beautiful - one very talented family :)


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