February 6, 2009

Sparks in the Park, Christchurch, New Zealand

Had a great night out last night with my partner and Neo-Conduit at the Classical Sparks concert.. held every year to celebrate summer, the start of the Super 14 season, life in Christchurch, Showbiz Canterbury, and enjoy the playing of our own Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. She is going to put up the horse pictures, and I am going to do the fireworks, so do check out the link to her page above :)

It is a special night for us. It was when Kirst and I were at the concert one year that I met my partner..... as he works with the Symphony Orchestra regularly, so it is a sort of anniversary for us. It alse means he has to go to work to pack out after it is all over.... but we get to enjoy the event :)

The music was awesome last night - led off by the orchestra performing a rousing chorus of "Conquest in Paradise" by Vangelis, known locally as our Crusaders Theme, the local, very successful, Super 14 rugby team. As per the tradition of the game, the knights on horseback were there... and later we were treated to jousting, to the strains of Holst's "Jupiter"... the second half of the evening featured Showbiz Canterbury. They did a "Mamma Mia" Abba medley, selections from a range of shows like "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Sweeney Todd", and others such as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Last night was also special because since we were last there, my partner has worked with or run the sound desk for some exciting local productions: "Les Miserables", "Witches of Eastwick" and "Il Trovatore". Over the months, we have got to know many wonderful singers, and an impressive depth of talent. It was fantastic to see many of them on stage last night, singing "The Anvil Chorus" from "Il Trovatore", wow, and many performing from the forthcoming show "Miss Saigon", and being part of some of the amazing combination numbers.

Traditionally, the show finishes with fireworks, often to the "1812 Overture". Last night, they picked "The William Tell Overture"... and the fireworks were amazing.

I can't listen to William Tell music without thinking of this - so if you haven't watched it - enjoy ;)

"The Mom" song, sung to the William Tell Overture, by Anita Renfroe.
What a mom says in 24 hours, condensed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds...

If you have any problems with this - try a google seach for the William Tell Overture Mom Song by Anita Renfroe. There is another version circulating too - with a stronger voice - but the meaning is the same...

James and Jess are safely in Bangladesh - waiting for a blog update soon :)
Now, its a three day weekend. Bliss....


  1. Hi fi, thanks for all your comments. i commented on kirst's post last night about the "sparks in the park" it looks fantastic!
    Amy x

  2. what a fun, diverse concert! i can't lie and say i'm not just a little bit jealous.

    now about the comma theory... i guess i'll just have to see how accurate it is since i'll be reading a ton more women's fiction. in the meantime, i will be using commas in my scenes. ha! :)


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