February 27, 2009

Today's smile

I get sent lots of great emails, most of which I can't share on here... but luckily, some of them are animal related and fit for family viewing!

Some of my favourites from today are

These pictures are from an Orange Festival in the Netherlands :) There were a lot showing decorated houses, but I liked the animals...

Away tomorrow.... gonna be rain and wind according to the weather forecasts, but hoping it will clear for the wedding!

The End


  1. hey, thanks for following my blog, i have followed yours as well.
    i also love animals. i have three cats at home but as of today, only two. my male kitty, baboo, died. found him slumped outside the door, obviously in pain. maybe a car had run over him. it was agonizing watching him die...

  2. Oh B-B your poor cat! How awful for you...
    The pics are hilarious though..
    Have a great trip. No I didn't give birth to a forked alien/devil baby:)
    Pain meds helped and I haven't long been awake. xoxoxoxo

  3. Yes - sorry to hear about your cat Blue Butterfly... that's hard.

  4. Lol. This post and the pics! Golden! You are the man Fi!! hih


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