March 25, 2009

Can only a mother love a Naked Mole Rat?

I heard about these on the radio today - during a contest of what people thought was the ugliest pet.
After a run of reptiles, axolotyls and regular stuff, someone suggested these. Brought the radio show to a standstill of groans when they googled it.. so I had to have a look. And I have to agree with them, I think these are worse than axolotyls! Mind you - I am not sure these qualify as pets... but they are closely linked to guinea pigs... so i guess it is possible!
May I present the African Naked Mole Rat.

The National Geographic site gives us this first image - and best of all, you can enlarge it and make it a wallpaper on your computer... I am sure you can't wait to do this!!!

Check out this site and here if you want to know more :) I doubt your local pet store has them...

And to help you recover from that, here are some more pink, but far more beautiful, photos.
The lovely Phoebe turned five months old a fortnight ago, so she is more mobile, in fact almost crawling, and using her door bouncer...

Check out the action - Left to right on each row ...

She is also sitting in her high chair and eating solids....but you will have to wait for me to get the pictures of that off my phone... yes - I forgot to take the camera this weekend :(

On Friday, it is graduation for last years vet nursing classes... time to haul out the trencher with tassels, the Imperial Purple veterinary degree hood and flowing black gown again. I have never quite figured out why the Veterinary hood has white fur trim; real fur too! Seems wrong somehow...
But looking forward to the day :)


  1. Ugly critters! Why is Kirst back in hospital?
    Love Tracey x x x

  2. phoebe being compared to a mole rat???
    i will take the latter anytime, but no thanks to that hideous looking critter.
    eew, can't even look at it!
    who's graduating?

  3. Oh, Lord, those are the homeliest things. I've never liked them.

    (The mole rats, of course. Not the other fine creatures shown here!)

  4. The only thing the beautiful Phoebe has in common with mole rats is in their pinkness... !! Apart from that, and I am of course biased, she is a gorgeous baby :)
    However, the reaction to seeing the mole rats was what inspired me to blog... thought it made a change from some of the "awwww" pix i usually post.

    The vet nursing classes will be graduating - along with all the rest of the students with certificates, diplomas and degreees.. we have a graduation dinenr tonight, and the ceremony tomorrow..

    While I am here - can anyone tell me what happened to Pienovski? She has removed her blog, and i miss her... Ida - if you are still reading, please tell us you are alright.

  5. Aww poor things! They are pretty ugly but hey, looks aren't everything right?!

  6. True Liz... they might make incredibly affectionate and loving pets!!!


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