March 29, 2009

Graduation of Vet Nursing - Classes of 2008

We had a perfect day for it... another bunch who have flown the nest and are making their mark on the world. I worked out it is the 14th time I have attended a polytech graduation; 12 times for the classes I teach, once for my own teaching qualification and on one special day, when my son and daughter both graduated. I have also been able to go to three university ones, originally when I received my own veterinary degree, and more recently for my son who has now graduated twice. It has been interesting to compare events, although barring some minor technical variations, to be honest, there is little difference. Graduations everywhere in the world, whether in America leaving high school, or completing a degree or post grad studies elsewhere, are all about recognition of achievement after a spell of hard work. The students can all take pride in reaching the milestone; their parents can revel in the pleasure of their offspring wearing strange robes and hats and colourful regalia and being applauded for their achievements... and in my case, it was great to be watching without the disproportionate fear associated with watching them perform. You know, just in case they forget their lines or fall over....wait - no that fear was still there!

Anyway - I do enjoy watching their smiles, the gathering and laughter as the class meets up again, the colourful procession through the city, along the river to the Town Hall, led by the piper.

The historic Arts Centre, where we meet before the procession

The academic procession enters the Town Hall first, with the Mace, and then, when they are safely on stage, the Karanaga (Maori caller) , and the Kapa haka group welcome the graduands as they process in.  Quite hair raising it is too!

The formal awarding of the qualifications to the graduates and capping of the degree holders is interrupted at half time for a stirring talk from a visiting notary. We have had quite a mixture over the years.. including Dick Hubbard, Joe Bennett and this year, John Campbell.

Finally, we gather for photos, usually out by the fountains...

Just so you don't think we let the formality of the occasion blind us completely to the fact that our friends and students return to see us, in fact this year, one came back from Mexico... we had a wonderful night at The Mexican Cafe ( where else considering) the night before, and enjoyed a convivial brew with the students back at The Arts Centre's local Dux de Lux after...... always a great day.

(Check out other pix of Christchurch at David wall photos)

I am so proud of you all.... Congratulations and Bon Voyage.

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