March 4, 2009

Highs and lows....

It was a great weekend in Akaroa, despite the storm that passed through on Saturday night. The wind was strong, and the heavy rain caused a few minor slips, but we enjoyed the break. As we finally drove home, the sun was out and the sea sparkled...

It has been fairly depressing to see how dark it is getting in the mornings again, and on Sunday I saw a definite sign of the start of autumn... well it was March 1st, so what else can you expect!! In England, they are waiting for the lambing season.

Just as well we did take a break as this week has been hectic with a new class starting, and a pile of paper work. Yesterday, the funeral of my friend's mother was very emotional and I was feeling drained and tired when we headed out to have dinner with Phoebe and family.. but it was good to see them, even if there are plans for them to move to Auckland soon, the purpose of their trip up there last weekend...

Meanwhile, in between feeling tired, stressed and emotional, I am reminding myself to count my blessings, and there are things to be grateful for and look forward to. We have some lovely students, in full classes; I heard that James, who was ill, is now recovering in Bangladesh; my older brother from Vancouver arrives here on Friday and I will get to see him for the weekend; my third child, second son, is 21 on Sunday, and we will celebrate at my parents with my  brother and his wife, ....and at the end of next week we are off to Kaikoura for our annual class dolphin swim :)

I found this video today. it is a slideshow of pictures taken of the bushfires in Victoria, February 2009.They are still burning.... just unimaginable. There appears to be some fundraising associated with it - so if you watch it in You Tube, it might help them.


  1. Gosh you live in a beautiful country.
    We have lambs in the field next to the house already. So cute!
    Tracey x x x

  2. Wow. Beautiful landscapes and a beautiful baby! Very, very nice.

  3. Hi Fi, Thanks for your comments... the egg one made me laugh....what is it with daughter dont like the poop on them.


  4. Lovely pictures thanks.
    Seems like no time since I was bemoaning the short evenings here. I'll be honest and say it is just wonderful to be in spring time and getting up and leaving work in daylight. : )

  5. How on earth have I missed this post! What beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing them. I trust you had a lovely weekend.

    And yes, we are preparing the sheds for the lambing, due in a couple of weeks. ARRGGHHH!!!

    CJ xx


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