March 30, 2009

When teeth go bad

It;s been a day I would rather forget really - and I am sure my partner would agree... it started with me having a flu shot, and progressed a couple of hours later to his having two impacted wisdom teeth removed. I got the best end of the deal.

Although it only took an hour, he has lost a chunk of his day from the drugs... although we were having a conversation while he was in recovery! It was a little one sided and his answers were not easy to follow, but he was awake.... bleeding, nauseous, tired, but gradually improving. The recovery took a while; from their hovering, I suspect it took longer than they expected. I was dispatched to collect the prescriptions. We finally got home and tucked him in for a sleep. Since then I can see I am going to have to start a diary of what he has to take, and when, as it is quite complicated with four different drugs, plus, tomorrow, the mouth washes...

Playing nurse is not easy... I have, I think, been compassionate and empathetic; he has been a great patient. I even made soup... which I enjoyed very much, but the dogs got most of his .. and the special bowl by the bed got the rest, along with the last lot of antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets. Might be a long night.....  but hopefully he will be well enough to manage while I race into work to teach a class tomorrow. Bailey is curled up with him now, but she is not a lot of help.

It will all be worth it in the end, but I know it is an unpleasant experience. So far, I have had three out myself, when I was about 20... the fourth deciding to finally appear when I was 45!! I have to say it is not bothering me so it can damn well stay there. My older two children have also had theirs removed.... and three of them have had other teeth removed for orthodontic work (double ouch - their pain and a lot of money!!).

I wonder if the loss of these teeth will affect his wisdom!!!

So, short post today... catch you all soon. I am off to make a banana smoothie to tempt the patient...


  1. Yikes! That's one ugly-looking x-ray!

    I've had many battles with my teeth, and will be glad to be losing the remaining survivors in about a month or so. Implants were the best thing that ever happened to my mouth!

  2. I'm very squeemish when it comes to teeth. Don't know how you're coping! I think I'd have to put my husband in a convelescent home until he'd fully recovered.

    CJ xx

  3. omg! He is very brave, in my 'terrified of the dentist' opinion!!
    Good luck with the nursing!
    Tracey x x x

  4. ooh...i hate dentists! he is brave! :)

  5. He was very brave! He does not cope well with stuff like this either.
    I will happily take teeth out of animals... and can JUST cope with human blood, as long as it is not mine. Too scary!

    Anyway - had a good night - and he seems much better thsi morning.

    Suldog - have you had the titanium ones replacing each tooth? How amazing, and expensive...

  6. Hey hun, I hope grotts feeling better today. Probably not though as the local would have worn off, Poor buggar sounds nasty, I'm sure your doing a Grand job, and make a great nurse.

  7. Ouch! I have posted one or two stories about my fav. dentist Stavros and his on-going battle to save the fe survivors in my mouth. I just ran my tongue around my mouth and was agreeably surprised to find I still have one Wisdon tooth left-so that explains why I am still clinging on to a few brain cells.

    Hope he feels better very soon.


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