April 20, 2009

Child cancer fundraising event

We went along to support my friend yesterday. After a few weeks of fund raising, she and her partner braved the shears and had their heads shaved for the cause. I admire them as it is something I would struggle to do myself, but the occasion was inspiring and again, it is a reminder that for many people, there is no choice in getting this done.

In true veterinary form, my friend, a vet nurse, imported her very own dog groomer to do the deed....  and she did it fantastically!


Out of all the hair, some truly beautiful people emerged and many thousands of dollars were raised.

And just to remind us of the purpose of the entire exercise... one of the children undergoing treatment....

and I just hope it works!


  1. Steph was sooo brave. I admire that, I don think I would look that good, shaved.

  2. very touching way of showing support. the hair will grow back, but the deed will stay on and on and on...

  3. It's always lovely to see self-sacrifice for a good cause. Thank you for sharing some.

  4. thanks for stopping by. what an event. anything to support such young ones dealing with such devastation, eh? that last picture is really something.

  5. Wonderful deed. I grew my ponytail to ultimately donate; I was able to grow 14" of the stuff.

    Great pictures.

  6. Hats off (or maybe hats on?!) to this brave lady! I've seen way too much of the effects of childhood cancer in a close family member and it's awesome to see people doing things like this to help. Go you! :)


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