April 15, 2009

Elderly dog used as bait

Some things just make my blood boil.
If that fails.. try this link

An elderly dog is recovering at Wellington SPCA after it was deliberately set on by two pit bulls in Porirua.

At midday yesterday, Lincoln, a 14-year-old ridgeback cross, was attacked by the pit bulls in Whitirea Park at Shelly Bay. Lincoln was stolen from his Titahi Bay home early Monday morning and it appeared he was taken to be used as a bait dog, SPCA animal welfare inspector Ben Lakomy says.

As if that was not enough:
After the elderly dog tried to defend himself against one of the dogs, one of the owners tried to break Lincoln's legs by pulling them apart.

As more people started arriving at the park, the pit bull owners took their dogs and left.

There were about five people involved in the attack, the witness said. W hen police and animal control staff arrived, Lincoln had to be coaxed out of a toilet block where he was hiding and was taken to the vet to have his wounds stapled shut.

I can only hope they find them and give them the jail time they have earned! At least Lincoln is safe, stitched and will be able to go home shortly....


  1. I agree my blood pressure goes into overdrive. I feel so sorry not just for poor Lincoln but for the dogs who did it, l hold them no malice to any of those animals only the humans who would do such a thing to any animal.

  2. I despair at the ...vermin who did this...God only knows what they would do to a human being.

  3. There are lots of Pit bulls in the UK now. It seems like they are a status symbol of the local chavs on the estate. Nice blog, lots of dogs and cats. NW is one the countries that I’d most like to visit. You’re very lucky to live there, it looks so beautiful.

  4. What a tragic story.
    Hope Lincoln and his owners are OK.

  5. Sickening,disgusting and appalling!!!
    I just saw it on Good Morning T.V. So sad.
    I see the time you posted lol, did ye sleep?
    Kidney crumping was a happening when you left, my god I so couldn't focus on the task you guys were helping me with.

  6. thanks for the comments - and vetnurse - you are right - it is a sickening display by people! And yes, Moannie, if they can do this to animals, what hope is there for their kids?
    Yes - it was a late post lol - hope you feeling better Kirst x

  7. Thanks Eternal Worrier - I do try to talk about animals as well as all the interesting people in my life! This is a beautiful country - not perfect - but where is!! It is generally wonderful to live here.

    Siobhan - I bet Lincoln's owners are relieved he is ok ;)

  8. such display of cruelty to animals, makes me puke!!!
    people who breeds pitbulls use them for dog fights. they are trained to kill and such spectacle is an underground gambling.
    people who indulge in such activities are the lowest kind of animals!!!
    my heart bleeds for the dogs...

  9. This breaks my heart. So glad Lincoln is safe and going home.

  10. Poor Lincoln. How can people do such things (though I know it is all too common) Surely he will be scared mentally, as a person surely would be?

  11. Good point Suburbia.... sure he will react to certain things for the rest of his life...

  12. OMG that poor poor doggie, Why would they do it in a public park?
    Those people should never be allowed to own dogs, yet alone pitbulls, imagine what those pitbulls are conditioned by them to do!


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