April 16, 2009

First impressions... A star is born. This made me cry

Do yourself a favour. They are talking about it everywhere.. she has had over six million hits on You Tube.
I can't embed this video... so please go and see Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent sing. I promise it will be worth it..... how wrong can we get it!!!! As they say, this is a wake up call on cynicism. And - it made Simon SMILE!!!!

I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables....

Susan after the show....

They have a habit of finding people you don't expect to be able to sing! I thought a bit the same about Paul Potts.... and now look at him.

Nessun Dorma... first audition.

Now he has an album...

In the meantime... Susan is on a meteoric rise
It looks like Susan Boyle could be a bigger star than Paul Potts and George Sampson even if she doesn't win Britain's Got Talent.
She has become a massive hit across the world and Simon Cowell could make a mint if he signs her to his record label.

I always liked Andrew Johnston as well

and who can forget little Connie who went into the finals against Paul Potts!

Considering I have never watched this programme, it certainly leaves an impression!!!


  1. I watched Susan and it made me cry too! I thought she was brilliant!
    I hope she wins!
    Josie x

  2. She was so bloody fantastic!!! She just has to win it, it even made my 'boys' shut up & watch!
    Tracey x x x

  3. i watched her in you tube last week when i saw a news article of her. (i immediately thought she's another paul potts. that guy maid me cry too.)
    anyway, i watched the video over and over and each time a tear would freely flow. she's amazing!
    but what trigger the tears is the fact that people prejudged her. i see how the audience sneered at her - even simon did!
    bravo susan boyle, for having the courage to follow your dream despite all the obstacles …a true inspiration to us middle-aged, near menopause, cellulite-ridden women!!!

  4. Oh Fi, thanks so much for posting this. She made me cry too, I could only watch half way through as I'm in work and didn't want to be sobbing at my desk.

    She's amazing, I'm hoping she wins too.

    Never judge a book by its cover eh?!

  5. P.S I cannot believe people from all around the globe know about these people! xxx

  6. That is pure magic, you could listen to her sing all day and night.
    I hope she wins!

  7. I saw her on Britains got talent and she was amazing xx Love to see her with a bit of make over but not too over the top x

  8. she is fantastic. even charlotte stopped bouncing around to watch her...(billy didn't lol!). I can't believe how well known she has become...she has to win! x

  9. Yes, she was magnificent. Actually brought a little mist to my eyes, which reality shows almost never do.

  10. Hi Fi, thanks for your comments. I’m pretty sure no one read the early stuff so it’s nice to know that someone has. I love your pictures of the back porch. Looks like it would be nice to sit on in the evening, sun setting, drink in hand.

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