April 2, 2009

Puppy Obama.....

It appears official - Barack has selected the new family dog...A Portugese Water Dog - to be honest, I had never heard of them.

I read it on The Pet Blog

I checked out Wikipaedia

So yes, it is a non shedding breed, closely related to poodles. So despite all the hair, it should work with the allergies of his daughter.

I love this - check it out here

Can you beat new puppies?... they have some ahhh moments..

A friend of mine has a new litter...

ohhh the work!!!

I will leave you with this - if you have never watched "Never Ending Story" - I feel sorry for you.
If you have - you will love this.

PS - Nice April Fools for the Northern Hemispehere readers :) Barack has not got a puppy while he visits England!


  1. Cute pictures! I left you a reply in comments over on my blog. You should get a chuckle out of it.

  2. I love the puppies, dislike poodles or anything similar! Hows the toothless one?!
    Love Tracey x x x

  3. its amazing that with so many problem the country is facing, he should come out to announce the official pet dog.
    as if that would drive people to buy such dog from their stimulus package...
    have a nice day, Fi!
    oh, how's kirst? i haven't heard from her.

  4. I love puppies!
    Check out the body language, the way he is holding that puppy, he is not a dog person!

  5. D'Oh! You got me! I thought he had chosen one! Nice!

  6. Cute dogs. I still think the puppy has been super imposed into his hand though lol.
    I haven't fixed that issue with that program yet, but did discover a Trojan !!!#$%^& damn it. Things have been rearranged on my comp @#$%^& and I managed to get a loan re the car, it goes in on Monday woohoo!!!
    Thanks for everything you supastah. Oh the B hasn't come through yet either #$%$%^&**.
    Otherwise Love Kirst xoxox

  7. I am definitely a dog person, all my life. Dogs are so awesome, loyal, loveable and cute. The puppies are so adorable! I was to kiss every one of them!

    Congrats on 30 years as a vet! Animals need care too...good care.


  8. Enjoyed this.
    Thank-you : )

  9. That top picture is very clever. & I love water hounds although one has a very silly haircut!
    Oh and new puppies sooo cute, wish they didn't grow up!


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