April 15, 2009

Wisteria Wars..... and taming the garden

I needed to take my car for a warrant today, but thought i would just weed the vege patch before I went as it was such a lovely afternoon. Such are the joys of being on holiday... there are choices. So I weeded the veges; and swept the path and made it all look lovely. Then I thought that I might just see if I could get the Old Man's Beard out of the camellias... it is growing from our neighbour's side of the fence and is a noxious weed here - going to have to say something to them but their English is limited! So I did it, and then I pruned the camellias, and the rhododendrons, and a few other plants on the back fence... Here they are "before".... which is a pic I took of them last year but gives you the idea.

Meanwhile my partner trimmed the clematis that is threatening to take over the roof of the house, in between scraping and filling and sanding and painting the window trims on the garage.....

This is all familiar to him - here are two pictures of the back garden of the house when he bought it...

and here - after extensive hacking back, with the vege patch and the clematis in flower in spring

After enlisting some of his extra muscle to sever the bigger branches of the camellias... I looked at the wisteria.....and suggested we thin it a little. You might remember it; I have put pictures up of it before...

in spring:

in summer after we oiled the deck...

So we thinned it... and thinned it some more... and then evened it up, and before we knew it....

It will regrow, and at least it will let the afternoon sun into the sleepout for the winter, but I wonder if next time I should just go and get that warrant!!!


  1. JESUS, you had removed everything!! hahaha.
    now you cannot anymore recline on the veranda during the afternoon as there aint no more plants to give you shade.
    well, about time to replace it with a new vine, don't you think?

  2. Looking great hun. I hope the G man worked his butt off. Lol you sound like you will be aching tomorrow.

  3. Don't worry Odette - it will spring to life in around four-five months!!!
    The main problem lately has been making the sleep out cold and dark - so was nice to see it get some sun again....
    Yes - he did plenty - and then brought me boiling kettels to warm the bubble bath and hand fed me chocolates while i soaked away the muscle aches .... but my hands are scratched!!! they sting :(

  4. I tend to get slightly carried away trimming and thinning, too! It looks lovely.
    Tracey x x x

  5. Goodness! You are a gardener after my own heart I have recently reduced one hedge to three bushes and another by about two feet!
    Electric hedge trimmers, where have they been all my life!!

  6. Sorry for my ignorance, is the wisteria the beautiful pink plant growing over the doorway? It's gorgeous.

    CJ xx

  7. what a beautiful house! it looks lovely! xxx

  8. Oh no, poor wisteria! And it looked so pretty. You do have a lovely garden. Thanks for visiting me :)

  9. Hi CJ - the gorgeous pink plant is the Clematis - which now covers an awful lot of roof on the house.. so we have tried to reduce the acreage! The wisteria, the white climber, has had a short back and sides... it is on the pergola of separate sleepout/garage... but it is a prolific grower and should be just fine before it flowers next spring - and yes Suburbia - it is a beautiful plant - we have neglected it too long and it is sad it needed such a prune - we need to watch it better when it regrows!
    Have just been surveying it all in the morning light while i made a coffee.. it is actually looking pretty good! Now, just the hedge, the trees......


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