May 24, 2009

the birds have flown

They left this morning..

they remembered both the cats..

all the bags

the computer

The car seats and buggy were all helps that their uncle works there  - and is an inventor :)

the baby

and lots of people came to say goodbye...

They are up, safe, settled into the temporary unit... and a bit shellshocked. As we all are...

all the best up there guys and see ya in September


  1. Fi, hi, I'm sorry but I have not been around lately so do not know the story of your, you would have been pretty crowded if the last pic is anything to go by. I shall read back a bit to get the story.

  2. Big hugs hun, I know its a tough time, keep looking forward to September xoxoxo

  3. I bet you will be counting the days until september now!

    It must be a hard time for you all now...big hugs xxx

  4. Thnks Kirst and AMy :)

    Moannie - that's just the family gathering to farewell Phoebe and co :(

  5. Wow!
    We really did have a lot of luggage didn't we.

    The cats are fantastic now,,,Lucy wants out to explore but I'm not keen yet. Tyson curls up on the lovely super king bed upstairs. Hope he doesn't get used to this luxury before we get our own furniture back.
    I'm quite sure we can't afford a super king! LOL

    I can't wait until September as well.
    Jaz xx

  6. Am enjoying your blog. Sad to see your visitors leave, the house will seem silent. But - you will be able to share heir adventures with them.


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