May 19, 2009

Family and work updates

Phoebe's family have started a blog of their travels ... I will add it to the links on my page too.  Hope you enjoy following their journey too :)

Meanwhile, here are some pics of Phoebe taken the last couple of weeks: she is 7 months old :)
 "I have two teeth and like to play with my food"

"I crawl everywhere and like to play with small things...."

Then I stand and examine stuff... until I sit down suddenly or topple over backwards!

 I took my family out for a farewell dinner - Grandpas and uncles and all....

Yesterday, I started the week with some Monday morning fun as my class had their traditional, annual revision session for their first test with me... so we had chocolate fish races and fitted in some other activities... it was a fun morning. :)

Engrossed, but check out the headgear.... some years the winning team wears them, other years they make the losing team wear them!

Competitive creativity between questions.... balloon animals...

The winner of the card tower.... 

Its a stormy cold night here and the rain and wind are lashing the windows! It might be snowing by tomorrow - Keep warm everyone


  1. Wow, Pheobe is doing really well at only 7 months, gorgeous photos.

    CJ xx

  2. Pheobe is absolutely gorgeous! what lovely the chocolate biccy pic!! :) x

  3. I always loved your classes hun, so much fun!!! Phoebe is such a hunn, gorgeous.

  4. Cute picture at the couch! What a great smile!


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