May 3, 2009

Just what are we teaching kids today?

In the last 10 minutes I have read three newspaper articles that all relate to out of control children in some way...

Two of the articles are about high profile New Zealanders whose kids have descended into criminal company; one for tagging and one for drugs. Brought up in privileged lives and never wanted for anything material, but failed to gain any sense of values in their expensive lifestyles and educations...

I heard a passing reference on the radio from Michael Laws recently, another well known New Zealander, to the plight of Millie Elder and her family... Michael has broken marriages, a high profile career, young children of his own, one of which is currently fighting leukaemia, but he recognised that Millie's father, who adopted her when he married her mother, was certainly being seen to try to help her. Michael's comment: "there but for the grace of God go I". A very real fear that every parent can identify with,

Paul Holmes' troubled daughter Millie Elder is due to appear in court on Wednesday on the first of several charges of possessing methamphetamine.Police allege Elder was a passenger in a car she co-owns with her Headhunters gang member boyfriend, when the vehicle was pulled over in west Auckland on April 16.
The court appearance is 10 days before her TV and radio host father hosts a black-tie event to raise funds "to combat the P epidemic". Holmes will appear at the Stella Trust celebrity roast on May 16, fronted by One News anchor Simon Dallow in which the Newstalk ZB presenter will be "roasted". Other celebrities backing the $290-a-seat event at Auckland's Sky City include ex-politicians Jenny Shipley and Winston Peters, Auckland mayor John Banks and principal Family Court judge Peter Boshier.

Craig Norgate, who has been one of the country's highest paid executives... is now parent to a high profile tagger. Interesting that the son is now thought to be living in Christchurch attending university .... might have to take more notice of the local graffiti again.

One of Auckland's worst taggers is the son of millionaire former Fonterra boss Craig Norgate. The Sunday Star-Times has learned that Dylan Norgate, 19, is behind the notorious SPEKT tag which has been daubed across buildings in East Auckland, including Mission Bay, where his parents live in a house valued at $7 million.

After leaving Fonterra, Craig decided to remain in New Zealand..
"But I'd made the decision a long time ago that I wanted to bring my family up in New Zealand and so I decided if I could find the right thing to do that's what we'd do," says Norgate, who with his wife Jane has three children, Dylan, Jordan and Alexandria.

"That's where my heart lay."

I wonder how Craig feels about that now....

Are they born this way? Is it genetic at all? Is it just that their parent's busy, executive lifestyles leave the children unloved, ignored, friendless, riddled with low self esteem? Does access to high levels of money cause it?

I do remember a TV series looking at the children of the rich... and one son, who sought an adrenaline filled existence to fill meaningless days, reflected later that he had no self worth until he began to work for the company he would one day inherit. Working with real people, achieving positive feedback for honest effort created a much needed sense of self worth. The financial worth meant nothing to him, until he began to earn the respect of the company staff, and to care about working beside them.

So, how do you explain the next headline today!!!

Kittens face surgery after paws hacked off

Two tiny kittens are slowly recovering after having paws cut off - believed to be by children using a knife or scissors.The kittens survived their "horrendous" injuries, but are now facing major surgery to have a hind leg and part of a hip amputated.
The children, both aged under 10, giggled when they left the kittens at a Wellington Cats Protection League foster home, saying that the kittens' "feet fell off". But a vet's verdict is that the feet were "traumatically removed".The children and their parents left the animal foster home without giving their names.
The committee member who runs the home has informed the SPCA, but a spokesperson says they cannot investigate without more information.
Giggled!!!!!!!!! Money has nothing to do with this... unless lack of money fits into some equation here. I have so many past students who now work with the RSPCA, Cats Protection League, Dog Watch and rescue organisations. I take my hat off to them and realise that the cases they deal with are harrowing. I can only hope they do track down the family that brought these kittens in... if the children are capable of doing this, then I despair of where they will turn their experimenting to next.

Parenting... we all make mistakes. We just hope not on this scale.... but deep down, I know where Michael Laws was coming from.

PS - later the same day, Cactus Kate answered a lot of my questions - and I strongly recommend you go and read her thoughts on this... The New Zealand Rich Kid


  1. oh my god! the story about the kitten has really got to me...I have a moan about the way some kids are (and half of them have got unfit parents!) the towns near us we have the odd graffiti and gobby teenagers, on my mum and dads house a few years back they drew a big symbol on the side of their house and the same kids wrecked the water pipes and did damage at night to the school Lottie goes to(It is a friendly villiage in the day!)glad we live a few villages away!) xx


    I really think this answers a lot of the questions I asked in this post!!

    In fact - I will add it to the blog as a PS!

  3. Hey hun you know my feeling on tagging, and how I called the police on my own son while out one night out of control and tagging up a storm in a very wealthy area. Many people make mistakes by covering up for their kids, or blaming other kids for their children's behaviour. By doing that they are enabling their kids o continue behaving badly. Self responsibility needs to be taught, and no tolerance.
    Oh the poor kitties, so sad:( buggars.
    P.S hows the Farm going lol.

  4. i had asked the same question Fi - where are the kids of today headed to?
    no parents want their children to end like that as they work hard to give their kids the best that life can offer.
    but it's sad that no amount of money can make these kids happy, as maybe all they need from their parents is time and attention.
    but it is never too late to make up for lost time, and i hope these parents and their kids will be able to patch things up.

  5. There is no discipline, too much ignoring from the parents because their career takes them away from responsibilities. Why these parents have children in the first place is beyond me.

    Concerning the kittens, I would gladly cut the children's hands off and see how they like it. Anything to do with animal cruelty (or child cruelty) completely riles me, makes me sick to the core. I would so love to be a Judge sometimes and have one of these cases. The defendants wouldn't see the light of day again after I'd finished with them.

    CJ xx

  6. Good grief Fi. That kitten story is appalling. Will have to go and read something nice now before I go to bed. Those kids must be highly disturbed. As for their parents...... words fail me.


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