May 10, 2009


Is this the best job in the world or the worst job in the world? The most rewarding? Probably the most thankless, relentless, draining thing we will ever do; but we do it, and we do it for our entire lives. We are forever going to be defined in the role; and for some of us at least, grateful to the women who are our own mothers who showed us how to do it.

Whether through birth, adoption, fostering, or later as grandmothers, we fulfill our urge to nurture and love the next generation. I guess it is part of the survival of the species, and yet many women today are able choose not to have children at all. I salute their choice as it is the right of the individual and they are lucky that they do have a choice thanks to modern pharmacology... I also feel for all the women out there who yearn to be a mother but cannot concieve and carry a child. I hope they find one to love and care for as their own.

Today, I say a special thank you to my own lovely mother who has always been there for me, still is, and hopefully will be for years to come. It is great to be in the same country, same city and get to spend time with both my wonderful parents.... Since I am adopted, I also think of my other one, whoever she was and wherever she may be. Without them I would not exist, or be the person I am today. Through genes or upbringing I owe them both for it all.

I also get to appreciate my own children today, and will get to spend part of it with the three still here in New Zealand, at my parents' house, while thinking of James and Jess in Bangladesh... was great to skype with them this week and when I passed the computer over to my daughter, listening to their voices talking as I made dinner, it felt just like they were here in the house with us.... ( sheds wee tear lol)

In two weeks Phoebe's family leave here for their new life in Auckland so we had a family get together. We went for dinner at Willowbank - another local wildlife reserve...

and the dinner was great ....

The time will rush by so quickly and they will be gone. I imagine the next time we see them, Phoebe will be racing around the house... she is already, but only crawling and standing, not walking... and nor she should be at 7 months old!!!

She can check out the manual for dismantling the fire guard though...

To all Mums today - have a great day with all your own mothers and children..


  1. That was a lovely, moving post. A very happy mothers day to you & lots of love xxx

  2. shouldn't we get an award for it, Fi?
    but there is no better award than to see our kids doing well in their own way.
    being a mom is a thankless job, but i guess, the most fulfilling as well.
    cheers to all mother the world over!!!

  3. lovely post fi, and phoebe is just gorgeous! happy mothers amy :) xx

  4. Well said - you write beautifully.

  5. Wonderful post. I captured Mother's Day perfectly. I hope you had a great one.

  6. Fi, I'm going to be nosy now! Were you born here in the UK? If so, how long have you been there? I do envy you!
    Love Tracey x x x

  7. Thanks for the answers Fi! You have certainly been about a bit. We live near Holbeach in Lincolnshire. xxx

  8. That is a really lovely post, very moving and very true. We all have a mother and we should all remember that without that mother, we wouldn't be here today.

    CJ xx

  9. You have no idea how delighted I was when I clicked on your blog.A veterinarian! I'm such a huge lover of animals and of course am in love with my vet and the entire cardiology staff at Washington State University. Their combined efforts to keep our Saint with us has been phenomenal!

    Thanks for finding me!


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