May 27, 2009

Secret South of New Zealand

I get a lot of people interested in visiting New Zealand and not all because of Lord of the I thought I would choose some pictures of the South Island to show you.  Recently, one of my veterinary colleagues changed his lifestyle and went off to study eco-tourism; in the summer, he takes overseas trampers around the South Island on various guided tours.... for the winter, he has gone to Europe.

These pictures are all from one of those tours.... so here are a few thousand words.......

 Interested in  seeing it for yourself?
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  1. indeed new zealand is pretty awesome! i haven't read your older post till now so here's what i wanna say: goodbyes are just a beginning of a new adventure, for them and yours....

  2. What a beautiful country New Zealand is. Stunning scenery! But I've been catching up on your blog just now, and I've read that the weather isn't so beautiful. So I think I'll stay here were spring is wonderful and warm and lovely
    Your home must feel quiet now all the family is gone. Hmmm.

    Keep warm and safe!


  3. I can't believe this place actually exists... it's amazingly beautiful!!!! Just passing to say hello, check your space and say I'm going to return. Lots of love from Brazil!

  4. It has to be the most beautiful place on earth...every time NZ is on the TV my husband always wants to visit!....When we win the lottery!!
    Tracey x x x

  5. Those photos are breathtaking...thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  6. Stunningly beautiful scenery. I wish I were there right now!

  7. I feel so lucky to be living in Nz when I see photos like those!
    What a fab-u-lous place!


  8. Oh yes, another reason I love my country! ;)

  9. Wow... NZ looks sooo beautiful. I have a thing about mountains even though I’ve never even seen one let alone climbed one.

  10. We spent a year in New Zealand in the eighties and found it utterly beautiful. If it weren't for my horrible reactions to your mosquitoes and sandflies, and the increase in my asthma, we'd have chosen to stay, I think. We loved it!

    Lovely pictures! Reminds me of the motorhome trip we took.


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