June 7, 2009

Family Ties

My thoughts have been chaotic this week... lot of things happening at work, home, around and about. It has kept me from blogging, but thank you, I have been reading everyone else's :)

I don't know where to begin today.. had a load of work stress that I could well do without... been hard enough there in the past year with the volume of changes to the infrastructure, staff losses, high enrolments and slashed budgets, but it is taking its toll on the people, and the students, which makes for some emotional stress. It is tiring... a universal trend I am sure everyone can relate to...

The exciting art this week is that my youngest son turns 18 this Friday... exciting for him as now he can drink and vote, hopefully not in that order.  For me, it also makes me feel a little sad, and old! Certainly reminds me that my life is entering a new era and I have no idea whatsoever what to do with it.

His lovely friend and workmate arranged a surprise party... and somewhere there is a video of his arrival and near heart attack as we all leaped out ... was so funny and so worth it.  My daughter and I had to nonchalantly find excuses to be out, then leave the house while he was getting ready for a "dinner party" and beat him there.... was great to see his friends and meet his work mates too. So Happy Birthday - I am so proud of you and wish you every happiness in your adult life :)

James and Jess are well - preparing for the arrival of the monsoon in Bangladesh. They managed to visit a theme park there recently...

Not sure it is where I would do my first roller coaster ride but Jess was game!!!!

Check out the latest news at: Fantasy Kingdom

Phoebe's family have been writing in their blog too - lots of news. Amazingly, the area has actually had frosts - which they will handle well, but the locals are a bit stunned! Meanwhile, they have found somewhere to live and move in next weekend. The house looks like a real beach house.. open plan and great for the kids, in a beautiful part of the world that my partner and I already know well from when we both lived up there ourselves. (At separate times, long ago).  Stanmore Beach - on the Whangaparoa Peninsula north of Auckland. The school is handy and has a kindy in it... We have checked it on google earth, been pleased it has a spare bedroom (they have already bought a spare bed for all the vistors) and our tickets are all booked for the September holidays...

The other exciting news is that while their Dad is away, all the girls are coming back here for a visit in the July school holidays which is exciting news; will be wonderful to see them again - I can get some more photos then too :)

So, in this family orientated week, I think the new ad for a New Zealand bank sums it all up perfectly... and this is not intended to be a plug for the bank! I don't bank with them... but they do, however, capture the feel-good emotion and I always love their piggies ;)
The music is by Tiki Taane.... a New Zealand performer...in fact he is from Christchurch....
Lyrics  here....

"Always on my Mind".

Last but not least, I also got a blog award from Tracey - thank you so much :)

I have had a think and would like to give it to some people outside my immediate circle of bloggers who have all had this award already! They all deserve it - and I would be more than happy to return it to Odette , Kirst,  Amy, Saz and Moannie...whose blogs all appear on my roll call :)

But also,

Veterinary Nursing and Life

Woman in A Window

Brinkbeest in English
Particularly, but not only,  for this post..

 The Eternal Worrier
because he is a nice guy and I want to thank him...

Have a good, no, have a GREAT week ;)


  1. Fi, I love reading your posts because you always get a bit of everything, Intelligence, humour, news and education. Keep it up! A happy 18th birthday to your son,
    love to you..xxx

  2. whoa, so many things happening in one week! but that's great, it keeps us in our toes and makes waking up each day something to look forward to.
    i am glad your children are doing well across the globe, and are able to face up to their own challenges. no need to worry there Fi, you have brought them up well.
    thanks for sending me this award. i'm humble for the vouch of confidence...
    hugs! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Thank you so much for that. Terribly sweet of you.

    And happy birthday to your 18 year old. Yes, a whole new horizon for you to consider.

  4. wow...i must have missed this...thank you so much!! xxxx

  5. What a lovely, happy post. Great kids and all doing well so you must know that you have done everything right most of the time.

    Thank you for thinking of me for the award, i shall get Sazzie to fix it for me.

  6. What a lovely surprise, many thanks for that Fi :-D
    It has given me a positive boost that l needed as you have guessed my life is a tad stressed at the moment. I seem to have lost touch with a lot of things over the last 3 weeks or so.

  7. Hey fi
    Loving that bnz ad at the mo. I also love the fact that they chose the Tiki Taane track - LOVE IT

    Take care
    Jaz xx

  8. Oh COOL! Thanks sweet Fi! See, usually I get awards for having pigs. This one is actually for being entertaining. Yippee! I will be eternally grateful to you.

    And a very happy birthday to your son.

    Have a great day, hope you'll feel less stressed soon. A big warm hug from me (and the pigs and the horses and the dogs and the cats. Oh, and the chickens ;-))

  9. Gosh, lots of reporting in here! Well done on the award. Happy Birthday to a guy who will feel a little different as from Friday - I suspect the drinking will come first however!

    Best wishes,
    CJ xx

  10. Glad to see the award I did made it as far as you :)

    And since you've been cyber stalking me, I thought I would return the favour :) I am now a follower of your blog...and yes seeing JB in concert was FAB!!!!

  11. Hi Fi,
    That’s very kind, thank you. 


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