June 18, 2009

Lost Dogs

After writing so fondly about the dogs in my last post,  I should have know I was tempting fate....
I was still ill this morning, so my daughter kindly took the dogs off to the beach for a run with her.... after a 15 minute run up the beach, and halfway back to the car, they vanished together into the sand dunes....


Many frantic texts and three hours later, with no sign of them, she was forced to return home to get to work.... Luckily, my partner has a day off today, so he took me out to the beach... and while I sat shivering in the car, sneezing and coughing and huddling under a warm coat, he (what a hero) ran up the beach.... eventually sighting the dogs running about in the wetlands and waterways behind the beach front.  Jess soon clicked that his being there meant the car was back in the car park and raced her way back to the car area... where she appeared for me. Saff took a little more persuading but trotted back slowly... they both had trouble getting into the car and as we drove home, were flat out in the hatchback, vanished completely from sight.

We managed to clean them up, give them their breakfast ( at 4pm) and settle them in front of the fire. There they have stayed apart from little totters around, stiff and sore and looking very sorry for themselves.

I think they will need some pain relief to get up tomorrow morning after five hours plus of running around on sand....I don't suppose it will teach them anything at all.... but they might not get much beach action for a while!!!

Still glad they are home safely. Here is the area they were lost in!!!


  1. So glad to hear that you found them and that they are home safe and sound. :)

  2. what a relief!!!
    but it gives you reason to go out and came back feeling better, no?
    yeah they both look beat up tired, hahaha!

  3. Little buggers! I bet they are glad to be home in the warm....let alone you!


  4. Well, happy ending, eh? Glad to hear you found them!

  5. Glad you found them ok. I wonder if they know that they were a bit naughty? Bet they do.

  6. Ahhhh...when the dogs curl up together..its wonderful....
    our beloveds we called them...then there was one!


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