June 27, 2009

Memories from Rotorua.....

It was a good trip - short and sweet. I hear the people leaving today were trapped by fog this morning, so hope it has cleared for them!

We had lovely sunny days and cold hard frosts and those of us from "the south" all said how cold it was, colder than Christchurch, but as I am sitting writing this in front of a fire, in jacket, scarf and a hat with a rug, I am not sure that is true! Still, it is wet up north - and I hate rain.... so I am not complaining.

Anyway - just a few quick pix - have already written about the deaths of Farrah and Micheal tonight - so yes, there are two blogs to read...

Rotorua was lovely - we smelt the delicate rotten egg smell as we arrived, the city bathed in evening sun, the land gently steaming beneath the plane...

We had a nice hotel... primitive heating, but comfortable. It is on the shores of Lake Rotorua, actually in Sulphur Bay!

Interesting geyser outside the hotel entrance.....

The meeting for the day was help upstairs in the lovely historic, Spanish themed "Blue Rooms"... it is the first time I have chaired this annual meeting at a thermal pool!

The Rotorua Museum is beautiful!

I remember these!

The Vet conference was held in the Rotorua Events Centre, and overseen by the inimitable Gunther, attached to his Segway. He was very funny - clearing the halls between meals to ensure lagging lolly grabbers were removed!

Thanks Rotovegas :)


  1. Hope it was a good time. A little cold fortifies.

  2. This looks like an amazing trip - never mind the talky bits the views and your surrounding were stunning! A geyser in the entrance porch? Coo!
    Thank you so much for your messages on my blog I have appreciated you visiting.


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