June 17, 2009

Tagged..... what little things make you happy?

I have to write the six unimportant things that make me happy!!! Then figure out six other people to do the same thing. Somewhere in their, I also have to lovingly mention the person who tagged me - so thanks Kirst.....

I have a rotten cold and am curled up with an electric blanket, nurofen, sudafed, faux fur, dim lights and a dressing gown.... is that six things??? Are they unimportant???? Right now they are making me feel better and I would survive without them, but they are a bit boring! And they aren't really things that make me happy :)

But there are a few things that I could mention...

Getting into fresh sheets with a fluffed up goose down duvet.....
Watching the flames flicker as I bask in the warmth of a real log fire,

Clean washing all folded and ready to use,



 Thanks to http://jannye.blogspot.com/2007/05/lazy-monday.html for that last picture...

Snuggling with my partner, - will spare you pictures of that....

A perfect coffee.....

Seeing my dogs asleep at the foot of the bed...


I am losing track of who has had this, or done this already.... but lets see....

I will be brave -Suldog, (be gentle with me)

and darling Moannie (The View from Above) and Saz (Fat, Frumpy and Fifty)

and Erin from Woman in a Window

and Carolina from Brinkbeest in English

and Kathryn from  Crystal Jigsaw :)

May we always appreciate the little things in life....

I feel better already
Night :)


  1. All good things, especially when you're under the weater.

    What makes me happy? My children happy, having written something decent, taking a great picture, chocolate, feeling magic in nature, going nowhere in particular.

  2. Thanks Fi...I shall give it some thought, though I have to say that your choices would be mine too.

  3. I echo Moannie..well l would wouldnt I!? Great choices..
    I shall put my thinking cap on and then spill..
    thanks Fi

  4. Sorry Fi...i have tagged you :) I didn't realise you had already been tagged! xxx

  5. Poor Fi, hope you feel better soon.
    How very brave of you to tag Suldog ;-)
    I'm tempted to knick some of your choices, but will try to be original with my happy things.

    Big virtual hug (I don't want to catch what you have) and thanks for tagging me (I think ;-))

  6. Be gentle? What is this "gentle" you speak of?

    Sometime in the near future, you'll get yours.

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  8. I hope you get well soon hun. Big hugs, although what you have described here is decadent and I wouldn't mind being sick within that environment!

  9. i love the dream and reality picture, hahaha. my too cats would be sitting smack rigth in the middle of the clothes i would be ironing!
    i hope you will feel better soon. or maybe it's just your body telling you to slow down?
    love always,

  10. Thank you everyone..I feel terrible today - still in bed at mid day.... but have been working on stuff - mainly emails from work etc...
    I realise most of these little things are all leading to things that make me happy when I am ill...
    wonder how I would write them if I was well? One thing that would stay on the list - the dogs, but my daughter kindly took the dogs to the beach for a run and they have run away - lost in the forest near the beach. She has been looking for three hours already -
    Huge area
    I hope the dog ranger finds them - gonna cost me big time... but more worried about traffic and farmers with guns on the way home... if they head this way.
    So - will get my partner to take me out there and try looking - needle in a haystack...... at least it is sunny out there.

  11. I have completed this odious task with all of the good humor I could muster (which wasn't much) so come on over to my place and see the results. Despite the nasty appearance of the prose I wrote, I do still love you. It's all in good fun, except for most of it :-)


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