June 18, 2009

Fantastic Blog Award

Thank you so much:)
I have a wonderful award from Joey, who has Brittle Asthma and other things, and reminds me not to take life for granted....

Please see her here - and if you want to try to imagine what life with a chronic disability is like - I suggest you also read this post as it is amazing.

I am not sure If I have to pass this on to anyone immediately - there are no rules...
but I know that Amy, Kirst, Tracey and Odette already have it. If you don't already know them - do click on their blogs...

If Moannie, Saz and Carolina are passing here and would like to display this on their pages, then please do as you all deserve this award.

Add - most importantly - it has not been passed back to Joey who started it as I thought she had it!!!! So please - take it back Joey - Life with Brittle Asthma - and have it on your blog too - :)
I will visit you to tell you to immediately!

Have a lovely day


  1. You desrve it too Fi, yur blog is just as amazing!
    do you feel better now?

  2. did they find the dog Fi? i don't understand how it can get lost, coz i'm sure the dog will run toward your daughter's voice if she had kept calling..unless, someone had gotten to him first!
    do update us on this...

  3. I don't have it...can I steal it? No one's passed any back to me and I'm sad :(

  4. OH no - we forget to hand it back to the one who started it - tut tut - i will add you immediately!!!!!

  5. Thanks Fi...I was hoping someone would pass them back, but as of yet, nobody has..but now I have one of the three :)


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