June 27, 2009

Too many deaths

It has been quite a week.... topped off with the deaths of Michael Jackson... and Farrah Fawcett. In their different ways, they have both been present during a large chunk of my own life; Farrah as an "Angel" who landed up with the beautiful ( once anyway) Ryan O'Neal...and I well remember seeing him in "Love Story" when I was at high school. My rather bored friend leaned over at the end, before Ali died, and asked "Has she kicked the bucket yet?"... My stifled sobs gave way to a release of laughter and I landed up on the floor in hysterics... while those around me commented on how the poor girl was so overcome with tears...yeah right. I never forgave Farrah... and she went off with the Six Million Dollar Man too!

Anyway - I digress... I grew up with MJ - as many of us have. He was a kid, of my own age, then a boy... and technically a man... but we all knew the fame and idolatory ruined him for ever. When the court cases began, my own children could not really believe I was his age! He still appeared to be such a young man after all the surgical help. His behaviour lost him many fans, but we know his music will live on. I heard it put in perspective last night - there are probably 30 people/bands in the world that have sold over 100 million records. Michael sold 750 million.

To be honest, I think it is good that they are both at peace now as their recent lives have not been easy.
RIP both of them.

How I remember growing up with MJ - at age 13


  1. I too grew up loving Charlie's Angels and Steve Austin! LOL Although I liked MJ music I was a Donny Osmond fan!
    Very sad, hope they have both found peace.

  2. Donny, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman; those were the days!

  3. i have a big poster of farah fawcett in my room - framed, and she's so pretty in it!!
    i have always loved MJ songs and have those hits album and i remember trying too mimic the moonwalk to no avail.
    he lead a sad life despite the fame and fortune. it's a pity he didn't get to hear all the accolades people are saying now about him.

  4. Well,,,I was gutted to hear about MJ's death. That version of "ben" is gorgeous. Such a naturally beautiful voice and he just ooozes musical understanding. It is yummy.
    I think he looked a lot like his dad at that age...whom I know he was not very fond of. A real shame he just couldn't be brilliant within the body he was given!
    Jaz xx

  5. He was born in the same year as my B and we have had a close shave recently!
    I felt sorry for FF;s family as MJ dying rather overshadowed FF's death. A loss both of them and before their time.


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