July 29, 2009

Bangladesh capital sees biggest rain in 53 years

Yes, the monsoon has arrived in Bangladesh....with a vengeance.
The heaviest rain in 53 years battered Bangladesh’s capital Tuesday, leaving at least six people dead and stranding thousands in their swamped homes.
Streets waist-deep in water caused huge traffic snarls in the city of 10 million people.
Heavy monsoon rains have battered Bangladesh's capital, flooding streets and homes, stranding thousands and forcing businesses and schools to close.
The national weather office said more than 333mm of rain had been recorded in Dhaka on Tuesday in the past 12 hours.

Luckily, James and Jess are not currently in Dhaka, but further out in Joypara. and thankfully, got a message to me on Facebook today that they are fine there. The Dhaka residents are not so lucky, and the suburb where James and Jess are due to move to soon is waist deep in water. with all power shut off to reduce the electrocutions from the low slung power lines!

This has happened before in Bangladesh, regularly.

But I do worry about the people,


the children
the animals

and the lack of shelter and risk of disease due to lack of clean drinking water.

Christchurch suddenly feels a pretty good place to live :)

You can also read more about life in Bangladesh with James and Jess 


  1. ooh god how awful, god i can imagine the stench and disease. Poor people!!! Great post....

  2. yes Fi, it's in our news too and they say over 50 people died due to flash flood there. you see Bangladesh is sinking, i have read about it somewhere, and they even say this country could be wiped out from the map if this continue...i hope something is done about it.

  3. How awful!

    Glad you're friends are okay :)

    I'll be disappearing now until Aug 14th when my internet comes back up...Keep well and I'll talk to you once I've moved!

  4. Not just friends - my first born!!!!

    All the best with the move :)

  5. This may be a bad pun but with your Blog having the name it has it really is up to you tell us when it is raining cats and dogs.

  6. Hi Fi, glad your offspring is okay, but my thoughts are with those poor people and the animals.
    We Dutch shouldn't complain so much about the weather ;-) It's the favourite topic of the day. It's either too hot, to wet, too dry or too cold. HA!

  7. I always blame climate change ... mainly because I know several climate-change naysayers and it winds them up intensely :-)

  8. Nice man to give the monkeys a ride.

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