July 10, 2009

Dog washing in the mid winter sun

We gave Saffy a haircut today. After a lovely lunch with a friend, sitting in the sun near the beach, I realised the weather was perfect for washing cars and dogs; car was easy.. drive through car wash and wax completed I tackled the dog! I cut out the dags and knots, and my partner, who is quite good at proper haircutting, compared to myself who tends more to blunt cuts, carefully trimmed her feathering and "slippers" :) Then out with the buckets of water, shampoo and towels and we have achieved a clean dog again.

In contrast, Jess hates water.. Where Saff will find puddles to lie in, race into the sea and happily explore rivers and ponds, Jess will only paddle in the shallows. When the shampoo comes out, Jess will head to hide under the nearest bed. Today was no exception... but when it was all over, and I went to find my camera to take a picture of Saff, Jess was right behind me in case she missed out on any action... little tart seems to know when it is safe to reappear...

I didn't have the heart to do her nails and spoil the moment! So we sat in the sun together and let Saff dry, firmly restrained to prevent her rolling in the nearest mud! Even Bailey came to join us.

Thinking of haircuts, I saw this picture on facebook recently - just loved it.

  I think he has used Saffy's offcut fur to make a wig... :)


  1. I couldn't cope with washing those two! Thank God Stitch takes 2 minutes under the shower, a quick rub with a towel, a roll on the bed & done!!

  2. washing a dog is easier than a cat bcoz the latter tend to claw you just to be able to get away!
    but when the dog shakes and splatter me with shampoo and water then, that's where the fun begin!!!

  3. I take my Dog to the Groomer's however no matter if I was him or he gets the full dog salon treatment he promptly finds the neatest smelly thing to roll in.

  4. There’s something very dog-like about having a bath, a haircut and then sitting in the sun to dry... the simple things in life.

  5. I can never, ever, do a bath and nail cutting one after the other! Oh, the fussing and crying. Nail cutting is a chore under any circumstances anyway. Lol.

  6. Couldn't do what you do...that's why I have cats, they wash themselves!!

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by my place. What cute dogs you have. I gave my Rat Terrier, Newton, a bath just this morning. He's easy because his hair is short to almost non-existent.

  8. Love the horse! Looks a bit like Rod Stewart (or perhaps Tina Turner.)


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