July 16, 2009

The Shaky Isles of New Zealand

We had an earthquake tonight... a huge one, recorded as 7.8, with a 6.1 aftershock felt 19 minutes later, centred down south in Fiordland, but it sure made facebook hum with comments for a while! There was a tsunami warning out - but luckily this has been cancelled.

Read all about it here and here

New Zealand is often referred to as "The Shaky Isles" ... we have fault lines through the country, and have had some significant shakes over the years.  As well as our earthquakes and geothermal areas, we also have active volcanoes.... and there are some great photos of Mt Ruapehu erupting in 1996 here .

 I guess we are still very much a developing country!!!

Phoebe's dad sent me this video recently.... we share an affection for Irish music... more notably The Pogues, but who can resist a spot of Irish dancing, particularly when it makes Simon Cowell laugh. I expect they would have registered on the Richter scale too!


PS thinking about the cygnet yesterday, we found this today

Here is the world's first bionic Goose. The two-week old gosling was found with a broken leg, but vets did not have the heart to put it down.
Amazing... might have to investigate!!!


  1. Just heard about your quake on the news! Did the earth move for you?

    All our family wanted Stavros to win 'got talent' they are fantastic!


  2. Wow. What is the prognosis for the gosling? Will it ever be able to be released into the wild? Probably not, eh? Still, better alive than not. Nice job that someone felt strongly enough to do that hard work for another creature.

  3. i read kirst's status on facebook and see that you had had an earthquake! we had one here last year and it terrified me...not as big as this one though!!

    love stavros!!

    xx :)

  4. You remind me of my California days when quakes were a way of life. Actually, in Seattle too!

  5. Michael Flatley, eat your heart out! I love it!

  6. where am i? why havent i heard of the earthquake and flatley? am i still on earth???
    ok, time to read more news and leave my farm for a while!!!!

  7. Hey that was brilliant lol, "Did the erarth move for you?" "Was it good for you".

  8. to be fair - the world did not mvoe for me as I had my legs up on Kirst's couch watching tv and my laptop.... never felt anything but the others came racing back from the other end of the house where the earth definitely moved ...apparently rippled,... and i never even noticed - sigh.
    The last big one I felt I tried to get under a door frame with a very tall man and also a very fat man... needless to say I landed up diving under a table instead!

  9. Very frightening for residents in the earthquake zone. Stay safe.

    CJ xx

  10. Oh I so wanted to say 'Did the earth move for you darling' but someone has already used it!!! LoL.

  11. We spent a year in NZ and I spent many nights wondering if all the volcanoes in Auckland were really and truly dead! LOL!

    Didn't experience an earthquake while we were there, though there was a small tornado not far from us.

    Gorgeous photo of Mt Ruapehu - but I can't see the vid. Not allowed to in the UK, apparently. :(

  12. Hello Fi - I came over after seeing your comment on Jays post at The Depp Effect.

    You expressed an interest in greyhounds and how they cope with cats - they are okay if the rescue centre test them first, they work it out themselves - its not easy though (or not in my case) see www.mygreyhound.me.uk -but go to the beginning to see the early days of adoption!

    Nice post here, by the way!!!


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