August 28, 2009

Driving and texting... This can happen to us.

This graphic video is definitely worth a look... as the law banning of cellphone use approaches in New Zealand, it will remind us of the reason why it is necessary!

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  1. Think they should show this over here in the UK perhaps more people would stop using their mobiles whilst driving then!

  2. Mandy beat me to it!

    The thing is, we do have legislation banning the use of mobile phones (other than completely hands-free) while driving. I still see someone chatting on or fiddling with a mobile phone while driving most days.

    It's a tough one to enforce, of course ...

  3. Cellphone use when driving has been banned here too, because of many road accidents that resulted to it. I don't understand why we need a law for it as people should be responsible enough to know that it poses a danger. how can one drive and focus on the road when one is texting?! Duh!

  4. It's sad that we got along without anything portable for so many years and now it seems that some can't live without it for 30 seconds at a time. How times have changed!


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