August 2, 2009

Forensic science meets the pet expo...out damned spot!!!!

The Pet Expo is on in Christchurch.... going to it seems a little bit like going to work on my weekend, but I knew lots of people who would be there and the chance to catch up with them, see the new gadgets and wander round the animals won the day - and yes, I weighed up the prospect of mingling with all the swine flu carriers... probably no greater risk than the mall, or teaching, as we have plenty of it in the polytech already!

It was a great afternoon - and really impressed with the beautiful  animals on display... I should have taken pictures - but I didn't... too busy talking! However, I will mention some of them at the end of this blog as they have good websites


Finding you can get oriental cats as bicolours now... thanks to the piebald gene. A friend has a Havana/White one - with vivid green eyes... you learn something new everyday!!Apologies for the picture - hers is FAR more beautiful....and brown! Gives you an idea though:


The Abyssinians... these are up there on my wish list, along with a Silver spotted Ocicat and a Cream Burmese....Just love the "ticking" and the softness of the coats... as you can see in this picture.

And of course there were dogs, and rats, and guinea pigs, and llamas, and dog clothes ( yes, costumes even...tutus, capes, sigh) , beds, food, leads.....

But forensics you ask? Spots????
Where there are pets, there is pee.
Where there is pee, there is odour... and carpets are the most unforgiving things to clean.
As we own six cats.. I have a definite interest in this. We joke about mad cat ladies...  but the battle with ammonia is never ending.
Welcome to forensics... and for this, I parted with a few crisp bills to get two magic bottles and, wait for it, a pee detecting torch.
And OMG it works. Well the torch does.... I have to go rinse off the magic spray today, where it has been denaturing ammonia and uric acid crystals overnight. In the depths of the night, we explored the house by black torch light... revealing unknown areas of glowing pee... and although we were aware of the "known" problem areas, which we have actually cleaned well and hardly glowed at all, we have tracked down some we didn't know about. Christmas came early... glowing lights. Actually, I was relieved that there wasn't more...
Perhaps this black light detection of body fluids was how they trapped Bill Clinton...over "The Spot...."... and no, I haven't checked further!
Is this how CSI search for blood in buildings?...  the house does not appear to have been a crime scene..
It shows up cooking splatters behind your ovens...yes, the kitchen got a once over again.
I have OOS from pumping the trigger on Bottle 1...
Bottle 2 and another reveal to check progress tonight!!!

The Magic Mixture is a Russian sounding product - "Urine-Off"... try saying it.
For vets it comes in dog pee and cat pee mixes.... I advised my friend to get both... and on reflection, should have done the same!!!!... I see it has human variations. I am cynical enough to presume they are basically all the same thing but won't care if it works.

Veterinary strength Urine-Off is formulated to destroy urine, permanently removing urine from all hard and soft surfaces.  Used with the Urine Finder Mini-LED Light, pet owners can reduce the frustration of finding smelly, invisible urine deposits.  Urine-Off is the #1 Veterinarian Recommended Odor and Stain Remover in the U.S. and is used and recommended by veterinarians worldwide.  When asked for help with inappropriate urination, veterinarians rely on Urine-Off.

 The magic Pee finding torch....

and what do you see???

Handy little gadget... fits nicely in my pocket... I can check lots of places now!!!!!

As promised, some of the web sites for the wonderful people I saw at the Pet Expo.

Francesca's - The Pet Hub - great advice, and check out her first aid kits.

A past vet nurse student, Christine's -Pet Pics. Awesome photography and she has a new book.

Rochelle was there with her dog - she is a trained Land Search and Rescue expert.

St Alban's vet clinic... Geoff was doing talks all day

Jasmine from our local SPCA, one of our past vet nurses.

Tonya for Eukanuba, Diane for Royal Canin, Andrea for Fond Farewells, Chantal and Alana from the Rat Club, Barbara with her guinea pigs ( scroll down page to see her) ...

A great afternoon, well spent. A lot of hard work for the exhibitors, but a great outcome.


  1. o.m.g i wish i was there. It would have been awesome, can you imagine my pleasure at finding piss spots disappear woohoo!!!

  2. I was just thinking that pee finder would be great for Kirst & Amy...LOL
    Now we need a computer finder for Kirst.........

  3. Aren't they the coolest gadgets!! Of course, I didn't leave without my bottle of Urine-Off today...should have got one of those torches though, would have come in handy in the cattery! Was nice to see you :-)

  4. i would soooo love to get my hand on that pee finder!!! I have four cats and even when they go out to pee and poop, i still sometimes smell a distinctive cat pee inside the house but know not where it's coming from.
    i am so happy to finally see you Fi and get to chat with you online. that was awesome!!!

  5. Thanks Jess :)
    Great torch!!!!
    and was great to see you Odette - and day we will manage sound too!

  6. wow...that pee finder is great...i dont have much use for one though lol.

    lol at my mums comment...!

    great talking to you the other day...hope to do it again soon xxxx

  7. For all the years I had cats, I rarely had trouble with pee.

    The one big problem of that type I had was when I moved into a new house, the previous owners of which had had a lot of dogs. Who'd lived in the master bedroom. And had pups in there.

    I don't think there's enough Urine-Off in the world to have handled that: we not only ended up throwing out the carpet, but even replaced some of the floorboards!

  8. Fi. Aim it at a Bill you also have a counterfit Bill dectector. So if it works once that way it will have paid for itself.

    It reminds me the two and a half men episode where the forensic team turns on the light and the comment is OMG it looks like a Jackson Pollack in here.

  9. What an awesome find...a torch that highlights pee!!!

    Now we just need a torch for finding odd socks, marbles (including our own) and husbands late home form work.
    Technology is a marvel!!!


  10. I love abyssinians (no matter how I spell it, Google says I'm wrong, so I'll go with this way.) My uncle had one he rescued from a garbage can (!!!) The poor thing had one ear lopped off, and so we suppose the owner , a cruel heartless bastard, just disposed of it because of it's non-value as a show cat. Lovely cat it turned out to be, living a long life and loved every minute of it after its initial horror.

  11. I know greyhound people who have used a blacklight and been appalled at just how much urine (that they thought they'd cleaned up) was in their house.

    The product sounds good, if it works. I do know that half the housetraining battle is cleaning all traces of urine out of the carpets and hardwood floors...

    But that torch ... don't take it on public transport or to the theatre, will ya? You'd never sit down in those places again! LOL!

  12. Jay - soooo agree... and hotels!!! I could never sleep there!

    I have been invited for drinks to a friends... but I have to take my torch and stay until it is dark!

  13. Your post on the Pee Finder is very funny. Especially if you have a male cat.


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