August 27, 2009

Graham, Colin make up for stolen time |

I would have been so upset if my Black Lab, "Jenny", had been stolen - she was a huge part of my life and meant the world to me.

Colin the stolen labrador is back with his Christchurch family after finding his way home.

Thieves stole Gary Graham's car, with Colin in the back seat, from outside a Sydenham salvage yard on Tuesday afternoon.

Graham searched the streets for the seven-year-old black labrador until late and stayed up all night worrying about his constant companion.

As you all know, we occasionally lose our dogs... at the beach, or as happened yesterday morning, when the gate doesn't click into place. I realised I had not been mown down by the blonde bombshell as I measured out her breakfast...Saffy had escaped and decided to run around the workmen, the lake and explore the houses around the corner. We found her safely, none the worse for wear, but it could so easily have been a different story!
So, glad Colin is home safe, and had the brain to find and visit a house that knew him in the area - clever dog!

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  1. There was a news story here a couple of weeks ago....a JR went missing, the family were heart broken, 2 years later it turned up again! I guess it's sat nav wasn't working that great!!!!

  2. I love stories of animals finding their way home. Wonderful!


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