August 28, 2009

Inbreeding makes pedigree cats diseased and deformed, animal welfare groups warn | Mail Online

There has been a lot of discussion on how dogs have been bred to meet some idea of beauty, at the expense of their health. Well, it happens in cats too, with no excuse for the need to help them "perform" better. It i all about beauty.

Cats bred with certain physical characteristics, such as flat faces and small legs, are at increased risk of getting cancer, kidney disease or joint problems.

The RSPCA, PDSA and Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) are now highlighting the issue to try to put pressure on cat breeders to eliminate the deformities which cause suffering.

The body responsible for registering pedigree cats is so concerned about the problem it has decided to look afresh at its rules which govern breeding.

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If you haven't already read it - my previous post was about a cat with wings!

Have you got a cat that you think has problems because of its breeding? Can you give me some examples :)

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  1. All these cats! Anyone would think you were a vet! LMAO

  2. Hard to write about Phoebe when they live in Auckland... and two still in Bangladesh... life is a bit quiet!

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