August 29, 2009

A Mouthful of Flesh

One of my friends is a long term vegan. She found this web site, which raises some good questions about eating meat, triggered off by the decision of a recent immigrant to New Zealand barbecuing his pet dog.

The bit that caught my eye was the last paragraph -

It is wrong when animals are crowded into factories, treated like machines and killed using extremely brutal methods. It is wrong when animals are free to roam, treated kindly, and killed using relatively painless methods. It would be wrong if I treated my family pet like royalty and killed him swiftly and painlessly while he was sleeping, to cook his flesh and serve it for a Sunday meal with my family.

Killing is wrong. Exploitation is wrong. It is time that we stopped trying to justify actions that are morally reprehensible, for the sake of 'a mouthful of flesh'.

Good web site - worth a look ;)

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  1. As long as human inhabit the earth, animals will always be in the food chain. some, higher than others. it's natural for humans to raise animals for food, much like planting crop for the same reason.

  2. I agree with Odette, I don't eat much meat but I wouldn't preach to others, it's a personal choice.
    btw I didn't forget Stephen Fry! He's my hero.....XXX


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