August 25, 2009

When a pet chooses you |

I love this article... how often have you been chosen by your pet?
Both my dogs gave me "that look" - and melted my heart. They were both unwanted.. one was a "pound-puppy", and the other, homed, but surplus to requirements.
Perhaps what attracted me to this particular article was that I own a cat very like him. "Motley" came into our lives after his owner died 12 years ago. We knew he needed a home and went to visit. He immediately came to meet us, rolled over at our feet and won our hearts. His calm and regal presence, his love of people and habit of treating the neighbours house as his own are the little traits we are going to miss. He is now about 15 and, sadly, time is catching up with him.
Tell me, which of your pets chose you?
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  1. ours is a stray cat. he is a mere kitten who followed my son home one rainy day, she never left since. her litters are as adorable as her and those who have adopted are happy to have her kitty.
    how is Kirst, Fi? Any new development?

  2. No pets now but definitely Jasper our cat, who shunned everyone else but loved us. He came for longs walks with us when we took our dog out, running ahead and hiding in hedges to jump out. I hope we get another character one day.

  3. Oh this is a lovely idea. I have one cat now who definitely chose me. My Henry kitty. He was apparently abandoned near my home about 8 years ago. He must have known I would take care of him. He was scared and skinny - about 12 weeks old. He's now my sweetest boy. I'm glad he chose to come to my house!

  4. From RAT to CAT appreciation! I dunno which is worse! I only ever choose a dog that 'picks' me first, you just know!

  5. Chad chose mwah. His brother was cuter and prettier, but Chad purred and snuggled up the minute I saw him. he looked into my eyes and I thought "your mine". Now he prefers the pillow and he can have it lol.


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