September 27, 2009

Auckland... kids, fishy tales and the zoo

We are still in Auckland, catching up with Phoebe's family... and having a lovely time.. at the beach, Stanmore Bay, below their home

 At Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

Finding Nemo... and friends

Checking out the gift shop


You can see some of the fish at Kelly Tarlton's  here and today, on a beautiful sunny day, we went to Auckland Zoo, and you should be able to see photos  here

My favourite bits were

The trams

and I always love the flamingos

Remember there are always others with problems - how is your body image?

for their sheer grace - the sea lions at home in their pool were brilliant

No idea what we will do tomorrow - recover from the last three days and just hang out with the girls probably... :)

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