September 28, 2009

Baby boost for endangered kiwi |

We are lucky to have a Kiwi Recovery programme running here in Christchurch, at our local Willowbank wildlife reserve..
I have written about it before at :
This is part of a large national scheme

Today it was announced that a Haast tokoeka chick has hatched at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, the first kiwi of the season at the Christchurch breeding facility.

"If these chicks were born in the wild and not protected by large-scale predator control, more than 90 per cent of them would die," said the Department of Conservation (DOC) programme manager for the Haast tokoeka project, Gareth Hopkins.

In July, two juvenile kiwis were transferred from Willowbank to a predator-free enclosure at Riccarton Bush, which is being used as a kiwi "creche".

DOC ranger Malcolm Wylie said yesterday there were now five juvenile great spotted kiwis at Riccarton Bush. "We look forward to them putting on weight when the weather gets warmer, and they're still on schedule for release in early November," he said."

Great news.

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  1. I wanna raise kiwis!! They look like a lot of fun. Are they awkward little rascals as chicks? I should have finished my biology degree. When I was a kid I wanted to be a zoo keeper. Now I'm an accountant. Not what I had in mind.

  2. They need careful handling Chicken Boys... one of the men who runs it here in Christchurch was a past student. He did our vet nursing course - he is in my Cat Wranglng post. I am sure accounting pays better lol


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