September 10, 2009

Balanced diet: The amazing moment an elephant perched on tiptoes to grab food from a toddler visiting the zoo | Mail Online

Aren't they amazing creatures.. Love the dainty back leg stuck out for balance!

New Zealand is still reeling from the death of its popular elephant, Kashin, at Auckland Zoo. She had suffered ill health for some time and was euthanased, to the sadness for all the staff and the many thousands of people who had known here during her long reign. .
Hopefully a companion will soon be found for the remaining, sole elephant as they do love company.
Did you know all elephant keepers speak a special common language..a form that sounds like a mix of languages, but it lets the keepers travel the world and use the same commands.

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  1. How very cool, about the elephant keepers! Who is that smart?

    It pains me so to see animals in captivity at all. We are fitful creatures, we humans.


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