September 29, 2009

Cat poaches eggs in time for breakfast - oddstuff |

We all know cats like to collect things... read lots of stories about the "treasures" they bring to their owners... usually socks, shiny things, rats.... but I have never heard of eggs! This cat must have a huge mouth to be able to carry an egg home, and if these are the eggs in the picture, he did it without puncturing them too...impressive!

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  1. finally, iam able to see the post in my pc here at the office, clap clap, clap!
    hmm..i wonder if she trained her cat. mine never bring home things to me. what a dud!

  2. My cats always brought me an odd selection of mice, bugs, baby birds, etc., but never eggs. I don't have any cat now, as MY WIFE is allergic to animal dander. She brings me good things, though, so it's okay :-)


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