September 7, 2009

Crimes against animals |

New Zealand's first campaign against animal abuse

Dealing with cases where animals have been abused, beaten, raped, burned, let alone starved and neglected, is one of the sadder aspects of veterinary life. I am pleased that the SPCA and Child Protection Services now inform each other if cases are investigated where there are at risk children or animals in the home... it seems to follow that people capable of this level of mistreatment will abuse anything weaker than themselves.
I have certainly had to deal with many cases like this when I was a vet and would love to see stricter laws and more accountability for anyone who mistreats animals (and children!). When you see the reports on young children torturing and killing other children, as in Jamie Bulger and the other recent case in the UK as examples, perhaps we can recognise these personality types sooner if we are able to report on incidents involving animals... many psychopaths start with pulling wings off flies, or worse!

Excellent cause and Rochelle has captured the issue nicely in this local article. I hope you will add your names to the petition!

Visit their webpage at

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