September 11, 2009

Dog illnesses spark fresh alert - National - NZ Herald News

Hard to believe all the issues that are happening in Auckland are due to toxins from sea slugs on the North Shore beaches in Auckland... seems a very limited area too which surprises me.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service has advised emergency doctors that the TTX found in one small slug on Narrow Neck beach could if eaten be enough to kill a dog or a child.

TTX is a potent poison - 100 times more poisonous than potassium cyanide - found in tropical puffer fish and blue-ringed octopus.

This is the first time it has been found in New Zealand and the first time it has been reported in sea slugs.

Somehow I think we might have to avoid the beaches when we visit the area later this month - just not worth the risk with little kids! Would like to think we see Devenport.. just from the safety of well above the water line.

Note to self - try to resist licking or eating the sea slugs while up there.

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  1. This comment is a much a request as anything else. It is also a request I realize would place a great deal of work on your shoulders but it is something you article in general did make me think about.

    I am very skilled in First Aid ( for Humans ) I know I have made the difference between life and death at times by being in the right place at the right time. I also keep the second most impressive home first kit I have ever seen. ( My GP agrees about that soldiers do need extensive first aid skills. The better kit is my brother's and includes a variety of sutures and of all things a defibulator. He is a bio-medical electronics engineering technologist by trade )

    The advice I would like to see you blog is how to put together as good a home first aid kit for pets as possible and of course ask for reference books on the subject which would be of the most practical value in your view ).

    I would hope the readers would of course read the book ahead of time and prepare themselves as well as they could. Advice of medications and amounts ( OTC of course ) how to apply dressings, common problems and how to deal with them in short a guidebook for the layman. It of course would not replace the Vet anymore than First Aid for Humans replaces professionals. However I for one would feel better my pets if I had improved knowledge of what to do when the situations arise.

    I do realize this is a huge request but you are the best qualified person for the job I can think of.


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