September 6, 2009

Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

I often write about Dolphins and whales... we swim annually with the Dolphins in Kaikoura, and New Zealand is well known for its whale watching and Greenpeace.

Today I read a very good article at

It was a distressing read.. and it is certainly time this dolphin slaughter was exposed to the world.

I followed it up and found this site: From there I have posted the video clip from the movie, 'The Cove', which is set to reveal footage of the mass slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

However, there is another twist to this tale....

A deadly diet

‘The Cove’ also focuses on a major element of our campaign within Japan: to expose the serious health threat posed to the people that eat the dolphin and porpoise meat, many unwittingly as it is often deliberately mislabeled as whale meat. Sadly, dolphins and porpoises carry a massive level of toxic contaminants, such as mercury and PCBs, that build up in their bodies through the food chain. Taiji Town Councillors that bravely warned of the threat of mercury poisoning from eating dolphin meat have now been ostracised in a community they have lived in all their lives, but at least the publicity has forced local schools to stop serving dolphin meat in school lunches. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Japan that problem, hopefully soon to be exposed as a national scandal, continues.

Watch out for 'The Cove'... might be worth seeing, or please help to spread the word.

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