September 11, 2009

Mamma Mia! brings ABBA back |

Had the most amazing opening night at Mamma Mia... and the headline link leads to the first review. I was engrossed and loved every moment, despite the warbly, burping woman behind me! I blame it on too many of the cocktails in the cool light flashing glasses you can buy - aptly named Waterloo and Super Trouper!!

Anyway, great to go to a show that gets a huge audience to its feet singing along and leaves you with a happy smile and singing at the top of your voice all the way home in the car... now, where's my dvd of the movie I got for my birthday... need another dose!

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  1. Did you try to give the woman a scorn gaze? I wonder how her burping can even drown out the music from the stage. i have read how it annoyed Kirst to no end. But at least you both enjoyed the show. Yay!

  2. Kirst was far less generous about the haemorrhoid in you rear who though she was a diva. I gave my 2 cents worth of advice on her page.

    Even if the tickets were complimentary they usually are meant to be a reward of some kind for a favor that is apreciated not an invitation to be subjected to the drunken gastric gasses of an American Idol wannabe. Those who manage such shows do not want to be remembered as a venue for such crass behaviour.


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